Relationship Stages and What They Entail

Steps Towards Commitment

Here is some much needed help to let you understand where your relationship is so you can define it and figure out what to do next. No one wants to be on a different path than the person they are dating and either be moving to slow or too fast to where it scares them off. (Image by Auzigog via Flickr)

It can be helpful to keep yourself on track with an awareness of the important steps in going from me to we:

Allure: You meet based off of this and will casually date which will entail flirting, non-committal sex and many other things.

Chemistry: You will begin dating once you see that you both share things in common and find each other interesting enough to take things further.

Engagement: As their dating gets more serious, they might decide to only see each other. They put more energy and hope into the relationship; and seriously consider a future together. (Image by Luz Adriana Villa A. via Flickr)

Commitment: They find safety and comfort in each other’s arms. Ideally, they enjoy time together and physical intimacy, support each other’s personal interests, and develop mutual goals. They also commit to a life together; which often, but not always, means marriage.

With these steps they help to see if you and your partner are on two different paths which does happen. In cases such as that you just have to step back and let things play out. If it doesn’t play out how you expected it is okay, you two were just not meant to be together. If it works in your favor that is even more power towards the serious committed relationship that you are in.

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You want things to happen naturally in a relationship so by knowing these steps you know how to pace yourself and just go with the flow. If you really want that relationship with that special person to work, well slow and steady wins the race. Pace your relationship and don’t rush into it because you’ll both be on two different paths.

Are you working to build a successful relationship, well here is some steps on relationship stages so that you and your partner can stay on the same path rather than rushing things and drifting apart

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