The Best Dates For Meeting Your Long Distance Partner

Picture if you will. At last you get to see your long distance partner after driving for miles. You both decide to go to the cinema. You’ve picked a good movie to watch. You’ve got the popcorn. And as the theatre lights lower, you both fall silent. Do you see what’s wrong with this picture?

You might just be lucky to get a full weekend together, or maybe just a couple of hours, however long you are planning to spend with one another, choosing a date where you are both silent for the entire time is NOT a very good idea.

Instead try to choose some ideas that will get you chatting, touching and bonding. I’m certain that you can think of some better ideas if you really put your mind to it. But incase you are unable to, here are a few of our favorites.

Star Watching

Get in your car and drive out 20 minutes away from the city lights. Lay a blanket down and bring some warm chocolate. If you’re a tech geek, download an iphone application called “Star Walk” which lets you monitor over 200 thousand celestial bodies and has loads of information about stars and constellations. By having dates like this, it will give you both a great opportunity to talk about your future together and really develop your trust in the relationship.

Ice Skating

An outing to the ice rink can be one of the most fun of all. Chances are you will end up grasping onto each others arms to keep yourself from falling. You could fall over a little if it’s the first time you’ve been skating. But even the pros fall now and then. Gents, please remember to give your sweetheart a hand when she gets up. And Girls, please don’t laugh too much when you watch your man fall. This date can get really physical and pretty soon I’m sure you’ll be pretending to fall just so that you can grab onto one another.


Pack some sandwiches, a map, and spend the day with each other in the wonderful great outdoors. Be sure to take a camera for those perfect picture moments, and remember to bring along a makeshift first aid kit and plenty of liquids to drink. This can be a great activity to develop your abilities to make good decisions and work together.


This is an awesome date idea if you have a local aquarium in your city. Chances are during the day time it will be pretty quiet and it will offer some amazing sights of fish whizzing through the waters. You could sit there all day and chat with each other, learning all about the fish, and also learning about yourselves.

Dinner Date

You don’t always have to eat at an expensive restaurant. I’m sure your lover would love it if you made a meal for them. No matter where you choose to have your dinner date, nothing is greater than eating with candles and a rose on the table. And gents, let me give you some guidance. A girl just loves it if you cook a fancy meal for her. Pasta is my favorite. Remember spaghetti isn’t just for a couple of dogs to enjoy. Yep – That’s a Lady and the Tramp reference.

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