40 and Up Dating

Dating is not just for the young, but all ages date. Do not think just because you are older that you should not date. No, that is not true. You deserve to get out there and have fun and find love. With dating at any age, you must have confidence and be comfortable with putting yourself out there.

Do you really know yourself? Surely, at this time in your life you must. Allow me to ask though: Is your perception based on your beliefs and measures, or on those of others? There are many tender, smart, beautiful women – who have no idea how special they are. After years of being told by their family, the media, and their exes what a woman should look like, act like, and think like they have come to believe it to be true, and continue to judge them based on those criteria.

WHO ARE YOU REALLY? Okay, these are great accomplishments and task-oriented talents. But who ARE you, not what have you accomplished? What do you look for in friends? What do you think your friends value in you? What makes you a good mother? Is it that you’re smart and organized? Doubtful.

Answers to such questions would be I look for friends who push me to be successful, who tell me the truth when sometimes I may want to hear a lie. I have become the person I am today because of all the obstacles that I have learned to overcome. These are answers that make someone say yes I’m attracted to you.

In order for someone to tell if they even like you, you must be open and share with that person who you are. By sharing with them they can see whether or not they want things to go further with you. To do this you have to be honest and open with yourself in order to be that way with someone else.

In American culture we often define ourselves by what we do and have, rather than who we really are. When we first meet someone we ask them “What do you do?” Isn’t a better question “What do you care about?”

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Women, put yourself out there and show that dazzling personality of yours. Your age should not define the way you date. Age does not change the way dating goes; better yet the older the better and much more wise you should be at dating.

Are you over 40 dating and want some guidance getting back out in the dating scene? Well do not worry we have some great advice for you.

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