Friend Zone Meme : How To Set Yourself Apart

It is natural for humans to crave love and affection. This is why many people struggle day and night to find their perfect partner. It can be very discouraging to be put in the friend zone meme by that special someone. Once this happens, there are no hopes of a romantic relationship with the person in question. Women are particularly known to friend zone men, although it also happens the other way around sometimes.

When a lady cannot see a man as more than a friend, it is usually as a result of something that the man has done or does on a regular basis. Men should strive to avoid these things, some of which will be mentioned here. This is the only way of ensuring that the romantic relationship has a chance of flourishing. What most men do not know is that women make up their minds on whether a particular man will be a peer or something more than that very quickly.

When a man has feelings for a woman and would like to get into a romantic relationship with her, he should make his intention known from the beginning. Many men make the mistake of not making this known to their potential partners. This makes the lady think that he only wants friendship from her. Once a woman cannot see a man as more than a peer, there is no way she will get into a romantic relationship with him, delay in making the romantic intentions known, drives the woman closer to seeing the man this way with each passing day.

Another common mistake men make while wooing a lady is that they end up replacing the female companions of the lady. Some activities are simply meant for these female companions. Gossiping about other men with the woman for example on a regular basis is bound to make the man appear as a friend.

This is not to say that the man should not talk about these friends. He should talk about them but not in depth as the women do with their friends. A man should also not always accompany the woman when she is going out to do female-oriented things such as shopping for her shoes, and so on. This is why the women have their friends.

The logic here is that the man should not assume any responsibilities of the female friends of his woman. While giving the woman enough attention on issues that matter to her, the man should strive to strike a balance between his role as the man and the role of her female companions.

It is not common for women to be friend-zoned by their men. The main reason that would make a woman end up as a mere peer is that she played hard to get for a long time.

Men are known to lose interest quickly and if the woman takes too long to give in to her feelings, she might wake up to a friend zone meme. It is a bit easier for women to avoid this situation than it is for men.

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