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A relationship is a beautiful things, especially when you are putting forth the effort to help it last. Being in a relationship is not as easy as people make it out to be unless both partners are really committed and working towards something more and much bigger together. Your partner should be your best friend, so here are some tips to keep your relationship going smoothly. (Image by aliceinthepoetsheartland via Flickr)

According to those at RelationshipRx, there are some easy steps people can take to build more intimacy and strengthen their relationships on a daily basis:

1. Take a Trip Down Memory Lane: Reminisce on how you first got together. “With all the different stressors and issues couples face, it is easy to forget what brought you together in the first place,” said Gordon. Gordon says remembering these times can easily rekindle those initial loving feelings.

2. Listen to your partner when they are talking to you. You never know what they may be going through and need to sit down and share with you. So open your ears and hear your loved partner out.

3. Draw Love Maps: Couples research shows partners can feel closer and more intimate by taking as little as five extra minutes a day to create something called “love maps,” said Gordon. “At the beginning of the day, share what your day will be like,” said Gordon. “This way, during the day, you can think about your partner and appreciate what his or her day must be like.” At the end of the day, partners should share and listen closely to how each other’s day went.

4. Help out your partner by helping them with whatever they are doing. From a personal goal to just cleaning their car, be there to help your partner because it shows that you care and are always there for them no matter what it may be.

5. You both are ying and yang, so one of you may be good at one thing and the other is not so much. Balance each other out and make yourselves strong together by doing so.

Common strengths include: Friendships, couples research has found that the quality of a couple’s friendship is one of the strongest predictors of relationship well-being. Acceptance, the healthiest couples have found ways to cope well with each other’s quirks and to accept each other for the “natural flaws in the fabric.” Commitment, couples research has consistently found a strong association between shared commitment and relationship health and stability.

…More at UT Psychologists Offer Five Tips for Healthy Relationships – Tennessee Today

Being in a healthy relationship is what most want, so take the steps necessary to build yours up. These steps are here to help your relationship, not hurt it, so what do you have to lose? You have everything to gain.

Great tips on relationships are hard to come by that will really build up your relationship. Sienna Nalin has some advice to help produce a healthy relationship with your partners

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