The Language of Love Through Romantic Love Letters

Romantic love letters to some may be a thing of the past, but surprisingly they are not. Love letters could actually save a once successful relationship. You may think that it is crazy but maybe learning how to write a love letter and expressing your feelings to your partner is not a bad idea at all. If you don’t believe it take the opinion of others on love letters and what they could do for your relationship. (Image by karlocamero via Flickr)

You may think writing a love letter is ridiculous because you could text or email your partner faster than writing a letter and actually giving it to them. With a letter your partner has something to keep to themselves compared to putting something on Facebook or whatever else.

“Love letters are still being written and, in fact, are considered even more precious nowadays, as they are not as commonly written as before,” said Liz Williams, author of “Kind Regards: The Lost Art of Letter-Writing.” Who wouldn’t love a real letter, rather than a hurried email or text?” Williams said.

If the love in your relationship is fading, possibly writing a love letter will put things back on track. Your partner will see you care and you care enough to actually sit down and tell them how you feel rather than sending a text that just does not feel personable.

“The experience of being profoundly loved melts any kind of cynicism,” Frances said. “When people get encouraged to be their best selves, and when you get seen as your best self, it’s a miracle.” (Image by Julie Edgley via Flickr)

With a lover letter it is much easier for your partner to go and read it compared to an email. With an email they have to bother with finding a computer and logging in and then searching for it in their emails. With a letter it is more accessible and it makes your partner feel close to you at that moment of time reading it.

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Go get a pad of paper and express your feelings to your partner after reading the benefits of a romantic love letter. Your partner will love and appreciate you for it.

If you want your relationship to grow even more, start writing romantic love letters that will make you have an even better relationship while putting a smile on your lover’s face

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