True Love Creation

True love is something beautiful to come by. When you are able to meet that person that helps you become a better you, and vice versa, you know that you have something good. People search for this on a daily basis and that is why we are giving you some advice on how to find true love. (Image by CourtneyCarmody via Flickr)

These 14 tips will make you see that true love is attainable and it is not hard at all, you just have to be open.

1. Romantic true love must be created. It does not ‘just happen.’

2. You become capable of creating romantic true love when you commit to your own truth.

3. You have to know who you are and are aware that change with yourself does happen.

4. You will be ready for love once you see the truth in everything.

5. You move beyond your blocks to truth by learning to observe your thoughts and feelings in a compassionate way, even if those thoughts or feelings are scary or inconvenient.

6. To have true love and be ready for it, you must be comfortable with yourself.

7. Working to create a romantic true love relationship means seeking a partner who is also committed to awareness of his or her own truth, or encouraging an existing partner to commit to awareness of his or her own truth.

8. Once you and your partner are both individually committed to truth, you can work to build a relationship that supports truth.

9. Having truth in a relationship is good because that means you and your partner can both be open and honest with each other.

10. Being truthful does not mean saying hurtful things, but saying important things.

11. When there is respect and space for each person’s truth, you do not have to hide from the truth in fear of your partner turning mean, denying or invalidating your thoughts or feelings, or intentionally saying or doing things to hurt or abuse you.

12. Truth in a relationship makes partners see and recognize that there are no lies or deceiving in the relationship and with each other on a personal level.

13. Once you and your romantic partner are both committed to being true unto yourselves, and you are building a relationship that supports truth, only time will tell if it is romantic true love.

14. If it is romantic true love, it will endure, growing and evolving to continue to support truth, integrating whatever arises into its fabric.

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True love has everything to do with truth, if you cannot be truthful with yourself first; you will not get it till then.

Do you need some guidance on how to find true love? Continue reading and you could find true love.

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