Volition or Natural Occurrence.. Which one is Better?

Your choice Vs. life happening (Will Smith Video on Attraction)

In this post, we are going to engage in a subject that is critically linked to your results in the world of Finding the Right man.

The argument: Making a Choice vs. Letting Life Happen

When we go through life, we usually have a way of seeing how things occur for us. As humans, we usually don’t pay attention and just go with no matter which goes in our lives.

As we begin to discover our perception with the way life happens for us, we might see a structure in our relation to the essential incidents in our life.

Take a few minutes and check with yourself…

Do you tend to take a passive role and merely allow things to happen?


Do you make an effort to pick the effects in your life?

With regards to discovering and appealing to a guy, think about this…

What actions did I set put to become significant in the result of my relationships?

Therein may lie an answer that can IMMEDIATELY improve your current standing in the singles game.

What are the things you’re looking for in your ideal man?

What if you were to think about that ideal man throughout the day?

What if you taught your mind to only look for that kind of guy?

What if you found yourself discovering effects and started meeting men that were best for you?

What type of feeling and outcome would that create to your life?

Not much has to change to make it happen.

All you need to do is look at your ideas on your present dating results and make improvements in your actions.

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