Writing A Long Distance Love Letter

Writing a love letter is by far one of the greatest ways to express your feelings for your long distance partner. But what are the pros to writing a love letter?

There are lots of reasons to send a love letter. Firstly, receiving something in the mail (that isn’t junk mail) can be quite exciting, especially when they realise it’s from you. Another reason is to give them a tangible object to remind your sweetheart of you while you are apart. Many couples have kept their letters and read them back when they are missing each other. These words of comfort can truly mean the world to your partner in a time of sorrow.

Writing A Love Letter For Long Distance

If you are a talented writer and completely in touch with your feelings, writing a romantic letter should come very easy to you. However if you’re not that much of a romantic, here are some valuable suggestions.

Tell Them Why You Are Writing

You should tell them right away that it’s a love note. It may quite possibly scare your partner to get a letter with your name on it, and might make them think that there is a problem with the courtship. You should immediately tell them that you were feeling lonely and wanted to express your feelings in a note.

Make A List of Their Qualities That You Love

It could be their physical appearance. Or it could be the things that they’ve done for you. Make a list of everything about your partner that makes you love them. Then expand these things into sentences and make a paragraph. You may take something along the lines of, “I love your smile” and change it to, “Your smile can brighten the darkest clouds and make you stand out in a crowd.”

Tell Them About The Future

Be sure to add a few paragraphs expressing how your life has changed for the good since you started dating, and where you see the relationship taking you to in the future. Give your partner a pretty mental picture of what your life together will be like. This is sure to make them grow even fonder of you.

Reaffirm Your Commitment To The Relationship

Remind them how committed you are to them. Even if they have heard it a million times before, they will never grow tired of reading those words from you. Make sure you end with something along the lines of “No matter what comes our way, I will always love you.”

Sign and Put The Date On It

Place your signature at the bottom and remember to date it at the top. By dating your letter it will be a great way to track them in the future.

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