Young People and Dating

Dating is nothing like it used to be for the younger generation. I am pretty sure many have noticed this. Those in their 20’s are not much into dating. Some are more focused on becoming established and having a flourishing career. There are however a small percentage that is into serious dating, but there are not much of those around. (Image by margot.trudell via Flickr)

Traditional dating has been practically dissolved for the younger generations that have entered the professional scene. Most of them now focus on their careers instead of on family. Professor Scott Hall, a family studies expert at BSU, stated that the research expressed that people are far more focused on their independence rather than settling down.

There are numbers to show that times have definitely changed and tradition is long gone. In the 1950s women were married off around 20, now they are waiting till their 30s. As far as men go, it is the same thing. This group of people as I said before are much more career oriented and since they are there is the problem that when they do decided to get married that they may have issued with being monogamous.

Since younger people are waiting longer to get married and are soaking in an independent lifestyle, this causes for them to be very picky when it comes to choosing a partner. The way of dating also has a lot to do with this.

Internet and for-sex dating give young persons a chance to explore their options prior to marriage, says Hall. BSU students Kristen Windstrom and Emily Carpenter both noted that they see the internet’s effects on their dating experience, as well as those they know. No guys have the courage anymore to come up to a girl and be like, ‘Do you want to come out on a date with me?'” Windstrom said.

Online dating is also something that must be questioned because is it really dating? Just talking to someone on the internet and on the phone can’t really qualify as real dating unless you guys are really meeting up and having face to face conversations. Now there are those in the younger generation that are no for online dating.

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As you have read, the younger generation has lost sight of traditional dating. Not all of them have, but most. Yes, a career is important, but you need to be able to work everything into your life because you may be missing out on something great.

Are you wondering why young dating now versus how it was in the past is different? Come on over and you can see what being independent has to do with it.

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