4wd campervan kicks dirt in the face of 2wd

Darwin and the Northern Territory are some of the most rugged & stunning places in Australia and the globe. To understand and truly experience their heart beat, you must get off the bitumen. The trouble with 2wd campervans is the fact they are not permitted to travel on dirt roads, however, around 467,00km of Australia’s 823,000km of roads are unpaved. That’s 57% of roads that a 2wd camper can’t go on!

On top of that there is all the fantastic locations, dirt tracks, sand tracks and shoreline that are on private property and not incorporated into these stats. Let’s face it, without 4wd campervan hire, you will be missing over half the country.

In Darwin and the surrounding Northern Territory there is about 36,000km of roads of which about 19,000km are dirt – that’s 52%! On top of that, the NT offers a larger percentage of private properties that allow travelers to drive on them than most other states. If your intention is to appreciate the greatest elements of the Northern Territory, you are going to have to go dirt. That means a 4wd campervan hire from Darwin!

Even a number of the major trourist attractions like Kings Canyon and The Olgas near Uluru have dirt tracks around and it simply takes 1 serious downpour and a 2wd is going to be easily stuck. Head to some of the greatest attractions surrounding Darwin, like Kakadu and Litchfield national parks, and your adventure is going to be significantly more boring being forced to adhere to the over-touristed paved locations in a 2wd campervan.

If you are going to get all the way to the Northern Territory, you might as well set off to some different destinations from the rest of the 2wd pack during the time you are there. Here’s just a couple of ideas you might not know about….

The Savannah Way

The Savannah Way is Australia’s 4wd journey track that links Cairns on the Queensland coast in the east to Broome on the Western Australia coastline and traverses right across the Northern Territory. There are lots of places in the NT to join the track after which you can have the adventure of your life heading to either to Qld or W.A. Do so as a one way journey and drop your 4wd campervan hire off at your destination. In the dry season, you can find enough people doing this track that there is regularly help heading along it if you need it, although not so many people that you will actually be in a crowd.

Binns Track

The Binns Track begins down close to the South Australian border with the Northern Territory at Mount Dare and leads north around 2200km to Timber Creek. Along the way is exhibits the changing character of the Northern Territory landscape and takes you on a path via some of the lesser known and lesser touristed national parks. It is a well signposted trail. From Timber Creek you can join the Savannah Way or follow the black stuff for some time and proceed to Western Australia or Darwin. If you are going south from selecting your 4wd camper in Darwin, this track could be your launching pad on to Adelaide, then onto Melbourne.

4wd camper hire from Darwin may be the best experience of your life. The Northern Territory is there to be experienced by people that are prepared to accomplish things a bit different. Seize life by the scruff of neck and shake it. If you are coming all the way to Australia from overseas, or perhaps heading as far as Darwin from within Australia, don’t just stick to the limiting 48% of sealed road of the Northern Territory. Pick up a 4wd campervan and genuinely go out and discover.

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