A Guide To Meeting Your Internet Partner

Permit me to set the scene. After traveling for miles and miles, you finally get to see your long distance lover. You decide to go to the cinema. You’ve chosen a good movie to watch. You’ve got the pop-corn. The lights start to dim and you both fall silent. Silly idea!

You may be lucky enough to get an entire weekend together, or maybe just a couple of hours. However long you are planning to visit your long distance sweetheart, choosing a date where you are both silent for the entire time is NOT a very good idea.

Instead try to select some activities that will get you chatting, touching and bonding. If you really think hard about it, I’m positive there are tons of great date ideas. Here are a few to start with.

The Aquarium

Drive about 20 minutes away from all the bright lights. Take a blanket and some warm chocolate. For the techies among you, there is a really cool iphone application called “Star Walk” where you are able to track all the stars in the sky. By doing things like these, it will give you both an excellent opportunity to talk about your future together and really grow your trust for each other.

Ice Skating

An outing to the rink can be great fun! As you skate around you will find your self grabbing your partners hands. You might fall over a few times if it’s your first time. But everyone falls now and then. Men, please remember to give your girl a hand while she gets back on her feet. And girls, please remember not to laugh too hard when you see your guy fall. This date can get very physical and pretty soon I’m sure you’ll be pretending to fall just so that you can grab onto them again.


It doesn’t have to be anything expensive, although it can if you like. Sometimes your lover will really enjoy you cooking food for them. No matter where you choose to have a dinner date, nothing is better than eating by candle light with a rose on the table. And gents, let me give you some advice. A woman just loves it when you cook for them. Pasta is a universal favorite. Remember spaghetti isn’t just for a couple of animated dogs to enjoy.


This is a fantastic date idea if you have an aquarium in your city or town. It will usually be pretty quiet during the afternoon and you will get to see some awesome marine life. You could sit there all day and chat with each other, learning cool things about the fish, and also learning more about your lover.

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