A Home Better than Home for Pets

Many families prefer to travel with their pets instead of leaving them at home or with a neighbor, simply because it’s much more fun with them. They are also considered part of the family so it is only fitting that they get a little R & R themselves.

Get your pet acclimatized to a long car ride by practicing. In these practice trips, use the same kennel and carry case you’ll be using for the big day. These must be attached to seat-belts. Specially designed ones are available from your pet stores and big box type stores. . Using the same equipment as the ones for the trip will greatly reduce stress on your precious friend during the actual day of travel. Although many pets have a ball when they stick their heads out the window, don’t be tempted to permit them. It is unsafe considering the fact that their head might easily be hit by roadside perils. There’s no need to remind anyone that major vehicular injuries cause permanent damage or worse, death. That won’t be a good way to start a vacation. Just open the window a little bit enough for the cool breeze to enter.

For less stress on both your parts, take them on test outings for practice. Think of it as dry runs. Keep these trial events short and use the same equipment that you’ll be using on the day of the trip. For example, your dog or cat kennel should be secured with the use of seat-belts specially designed for pets. Get them accustomed to the same seat-belt or kennel which you intend to use. Never let your pet stick its head out of the window – especially dogs. Many enjoy this but the fact remains that are very dangerous. Doing so poses the risk of them being hit by another vehicle which can cause permanent damage or loss of life. Just leave a little opening for them to enjoy the breeze but never wide enough to expose any part of their bodies. Once at your destination it may be a case of a one night stay or perhaps an extended month long stay. In that case your little friends may begin to think of their new hotel or motel lodgings as being just like home.

Pets must always have their collar on, so that the general public becomes aware that there is an owner nearby. It’s best to have a completed ID tag that has the owner’s name and contact information. Some tags are editable, be sure to purchase those so that in case you move to a different location, you will be able to update the owner information without having to buy a new one.

A favorite toy calms the worried or stressed canine or feline. Any object that gives comfort, from a blanket to a ball of yarn, must be handy. It will also keep them pre-occupied or distracted when you need them to be.

Its no fun searching for a lost pet on a vacation. You don’t want to end up at the lcity or municipal pound No loving family ever intends to lose their pet while traveling. Unfortunately, accidents can happen – and pets that are wearing appropriate identification have a better chance of being reunited with their owners quickly and safely.. Unique version for reprint here: A Home Better than Home for Pets.

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