Cheating in a Relationship

What do you believe cheating to be? Have you and your partner come to a firm agreement on what will constitute cheating in your relationship? Well if not, you should. This makes your relationship run much smoother when the both of you agree on what you both see as cheating and share it with one another.

It used to be that if you had an affair, that was cheating. But what really is an affair these days, and with the addition of Facebook and other forms of social media, constitutes cheating in a relationship? No matter how long you’ve been with your spouse, you might want to have a discussion about what you each considers infidelity in marriage, or at the very least, what both of you will and won’t tolerate in terms of faithfulness.

The first thing we all must understand is that everyone has a complete different idea of what cheating is, especially men and women. For men cheating is having any sexual contact from a kiss and up while women think of dancing with the opposite sex as cheating (any close contact, not necessarily sexual). Women are more about sharing things and feel that by sharing personal information they are more emotionally close.

Talking to your partner about what you think cheating is has to be done. With the definition if cheating now including new things such as social networking, things can get a little unclear. With social networking people see relationships get ruined all the time because someone liked an opposite sex’s photo on Facebook. Yes, these small things to some are thought of as cheating.

When it comes to cheating and social networks you have to talk to your partner as far what they do on that site. If it is something that bothers you, you have to let them know so you both have an understanding.

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In order for there to be no form of cheating in your relationship you must talk to your partner and tell them what you are feeling or feel is lacking in the relationship. Communication is the most important part of holding everything together that the two of you have.

What do you think makes up cheating in a relationship? Come on over and be informed about how to prevent infidelity in a relationship.

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