Chinese Sweet Coloured Rice In Yunnan

The endless range of unusual and quirky food types in China never fails to impress and how about some Chinese sweet coloured fried rice? If you head to the marvellous Jiulong waterfalls in Yunnan Province of China you can see the falls then try the rice. It’s near the city of Luoping.

Whereabouts can you get Chinese coloured sweet rice?

You can find the sweet coloured Chinese rice in a load of places, but Yunnan is one province that definitely has it. If you head out to the amazing Jiulong Waterfalls you can see a lot of food stalls there and some of them sell the Chinese sweet and coloured rice.

It is very sugary, it’s hot and of course this rice is colourful, it’s a really different style of rice to the normal.

How much will you pay for the sweet coloured Chinese rice?

Well since it’s from a market stall, it will be cheap. Don’t expect to pay any more than around 5 Chinese Yuan (RMB) for a serving!

It is well recommended for you to try this magnificent sweet coloured rice in China.

In terms of taste, what’s this Chinese rice like?

It’s delicious and really sweet. It will surprise you – you will munch and scoff it down really quickly. Despite not having much flavour, the sugar really is noticeable and it goes down a treat. It comes in multicolours – purple, pink, yellow, blue and white.

Overall what about travelling in China, what’s it like?

Well China is quite simply the world’s largest country in terms of population and will have you amazed by the sheer magnitude of things to do, places to see and people to meet. Parts of China are really off the beaten track for backpackers and make for a fascinating experience.

Make sure you get China on your itinerary and try the fantastic sugary sweet rice when you hit up the Yunnan Province. It has to be tried.

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