Columbus History Told by Its Monuments

Columbus is the biggest city and the capital of Ohio. For visitors to the Columbus area, though lots of attractions abound, taking a little time to go to visit monuments in Columbus is a smart way to get a taste of the culture within the town itself. We have a list with the best Columbus monuments for you to check out while visiting the city.

Ohio Statehouse

There are various monuments and statues on the state House Capitol Grounds that will interest visitors who enjoy monuments and include These Are My Jewels, the Ohio War Memorial, The Spirit of ’98, William McKinley, Here Stood Lincoln, Peace, Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Oak, Columbus Monument, The State House, Lincoln at the Statehouse, James A. Rhodes, Charity Newsies and Intersect.

“These are My Jewels”

Found on the actual grounds of the state capital complex, the monument by Levi Scofield called “These are My Jewels” was first built in 1893, and transferred to its current location in 1894 where it remains one of the more popular Columbus monuments. This attention-grabbing and astonishment provoking monument is yet one of the most well known monuments celebrating Ohio’s signification in the Civil War.

Ohio World War Memorial

Located on the State House Capitol Grounds, this Columbus monument is inscribed with “To Justice in War and Lasting Peace After Victory”. The statue shows a WWI Doughboy soldier in bronze, it was erected in 1930.

James A. Rhodes

Erected in 1982, this statue honors the longest serving Governor in Ohio and in the history of the union, James A. Rhodes. This statue stands in front of the tallest building in Columbus, the James A. Rhodes State Office Tower. The statue is found near the State House Capitol in vicinity to many other columbus monuments.


A bronze sculpture inserted in granite, this statue of a winged girl was produced by Bruce Wilder Saville and venerates Ohio soldier’s sacrifices in the Civil War. The monument is 13 feet high and 11 feet wide, with the granite base at 8 feet high. Peace was erected in 1923 by the Department of Ohio’s Woman’s Relief Corps and is found on the state House Capitol Grounds in the Capitol Square.

Santa Maria Ship Replica

On Wesy Broad Street in Columbus there lives a duplicate of the Santa Maria, the ship that Christopher Columbus used on his voyage to the new world. In 1992, this ship was tied up in the Scioto Stream in a 500 year commemoration. Seeing this piece of American history reminds visitors just how young and how old our country is, and what fantastic progress we have made, even just technologically. The Santa Maria is a historical landmark and is open April to October, Wed. to Fri. 10am to 3pm and Saturday and Sun. 12pm to 5pm.

Greenlawn Cemetery

Among the stoic grounds of Greenlawn Cemetery in Columbus lives one of the more renowned monuments in Columbus. Simply known as the squaddies monument, this statue idolizes the Civil War squaddies who fought and died in the area during the war. Walking through the hollowed grounds of this graveyard gives visitors a feeling of the rich history the Columbus area has.

Camp Chase Confederate Cemetery

Though not necessarily showed through statues and monuments, one area in Columbus does honour and pay respect to the Confederacy side of the Civil War. Found in the Camp Chase Confederate Cemetery is a monument that honors the 2,260 Confederate infantrymen buried on the grounds.

Lake View Cemetery

Located in Cleveland but worth the trip, the multiple monuments found all though Lake View Cemetery give respect to fallen Civil War soldiers and include basic obelisk monuments and more intricate tributes as well , nevertheless one of the more distinguished monuments on site is the one praising President Garfield who was assassinated and is one of the more notable Ohio locals to have held office.

Dave Holden has been fascinated by Columbus landmarks for years. He has written op-eds and editorial pieces for many online publications. For more information about Columbus monuments please visit his site.

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