Detroit Zoos and Aquariums

The first zoo in Detroit began as the result of a bad business venture. A traveling circus went broke while on a trip to the city in 1883 and the deserted animals were picked up for the short lived Detroit Zoological Gardens. In the years since, Detroit has become home to 1 or 2 world-class Detroit zoo facilities, thanks in part to money spent in the 1960s and 1970s by the then-thriving automobile manufacturing industry. Here is a look at the top zoos in Detroit.

Detroit Zoo

While technically situated just outside Detroit city limits, this is the most visited and best-known Detroit zoo. Founded in 1925, the zoo includes approximately 1,200 animals, 1 or 2 sizeable environment parks and an opposite city-owned golfing course. A few of the zoo original buildings have been included on the National Landmark Preservation list.

Potter Park Zoo

Found in nearby Lansing, Mich, this zoo has over 500 animals representing more than 160 different species. The zoo devotes lots of energy to education, and it has an in depth summer camp programme for youngsters of every age.

Cranbrook Institute Of Science

More than 200,000 folks a year visit the Cranbrook Institue, making it one of the most hectic attractions in the city. It has a sizeable planetarium, nature center and numerous animal displays. The Institute is a popular destination for school-age youngsters, and on most days the buildings filled with kids visiting as a part of an all-day school trip.

Detroit Science Center

Even though it calls itself a science center, this institution encompasses a planetarium, live animal exhibits, intensive interactive projects for children and a huge IMAX theater. The center has struggled financially in recent times, but it remains a cornerstone of the Detroit science and nature scene.

Dossin Great Lakes Museum

The museum is dedicated to Detroit’s long maritime history on the Great Lakes and it covers everything from a look at naval vessels to several Detroit aquarium displays designed to showcase some of Michigan’s native wildlife. Other exhibits include a full size bridge from a vintage boat and tons of boat models.

Frank Herbert has had an interest in the attractions Detroit offers for years. He has written op-eds and editorial pieces about the zoo in Detroit for many online publications. For more info about the tourism Detroit has to offer, come visit his site.

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