Enter A Captivating World With Peru Tours

Peru tours will take the tourist away from the well-beaten tracks of Europe and introduce one to the ancient world of Peru. This South American country provides an introduction to two decidedly intriguing empires in history. The remnants of the glorious Inca Empire and the impact of the Spanish Empire on the country provide unique insights into the world history. At the same time, its geography offers adventure tourism to excite even the most jaded of tourists.

Peru is now a country of many ethnic backgrounds and cultures in which Spanish is the main spoken language, although both native languages and English can be heard in the cities. The country stretches from the Pacific coast plains to the Andes Mountain peaks and down into the Amazon Basin. In short, it offers a wealth of experiences for tourists.

Every Peruvian is tremendously proud of the towns and buildings erected by the Inca at least five hundred years ago. Most tours, therefore, take one to the hub of the Inca Empire and the picturesque villages in the Sacred Valley. The Inca trail is an impressive, if slightly challenging trail, that starts with a fascinating archaeological site at the city of Ollantaytambo.

Machu Picchu is an almost fully preserved site of an earlier civilization. Situated on a mountain ledge some two and a half thousand meters above sea level, it is a fifteenth century Inca site built as an estate for the Inca Emperor. It was abandoned a century later but remained hidden to the world until discovered by a United States historian early in the twentieth century.

An exhilarating train ride up steep slopes brings visitors to magnificent Machu Picchu, an awe-inspiring site. Local guides offer walks through the citadel and to Inca Bridge which was built on a stone path cut into a sheer cliff face. An early hike to Sun Gate, the final check point of the Inca trail, offers sightseers an opportunity to watch the sun rise magnificently over Machu Picchu.

For those with limited interest in archeology, modern day Peru offers much to capture the attention of visitors. The country is awash with festivals. Approximately three thousand festivals are held each year. Magnificent and usually highly colored art is available in most cities and towns and the magnificent churches are an art form in themselves.

The tourist should not miss the opportunity to go canopy climbing in the Amazon jungle or kayak down the Amazon River. Explore the rain forest and be transported into an ancient world of tall trees and thick undergrowth. Take a trip to the Nazca Desert and view the arid land on which the mysterious Nazca lines are drawn.

Tourists to this South American land will find bright handmade crafts in most markets. Be sure to bargain for a crafted item to take home as a memento. On Peru Tours, be sure to take your camera. You will find many scenes that you will want to capture on film or electronically and keep as your personal memento of beautiful Peru.

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