Guide For Argentina Travel And Tours

An Argentina travel guide could easily cover an entire book, and then some. For travelers seeking a quick answer, a short summary can be provided that will help in planning a South American vacation. The best way to start is by marking the point of entry and exit as Ezeiza International Airport.

Ezeiza is the airport serving Buenos Aires, and making it the gateway is very convenient since all visitors want to spend some time exploring Buenos Aires anyway. The rest of the choices are not as easy. The diverse number of tourist attractions in vast regions such as Patagonia and Pampas are breathtaking and can easily confuse tourists.

It’s also not feasible to attempt to see and do everything from the capital to Ushuaia at world’s end. A better way is to select a theme or preferred activity and plan a holiday around it. As an example, consider that history and architecture buffs can take urban tours in Pampas, which includes the decadent pleasures of Buenos Aires and the colonial splendor of Cordoba.

Oenophiles can get a taste of some of the most prolific and famous wine producers in the Mendoza wine country, which is just outside Buenos Aires. Summer holidays are best enjoyed on the lovely beaches of Puerto Madryn. Outdoor adventures and recreation awaits visitors among massive glaciers, lakes and national parks in Tierra del Fuego. Not to mention Antarctic cruises that set off from Ushuaia, the world’s southernmost city.

The second major decision to be made is how to undertake one or more of these expeditions. As mentioned above, Argentina is a massive country and it’s usually not possible to hop on a bus to get from one city on the itinerary to another one. For instance, getting to Puerto Madryn by road from Buenos Aires involves a full day of driving along the coast.

The famed Iguazu Falls are just as far away from Buenos Aires as Puerto Madryn, but in the opposite direction. These drives may be enjoyable for those want to spend their time on leisurely road trips, but others will find it hard to justify spending valuable days tearing down highways burning rubber. Some Patagonian destinations such as Ushuaia are too remote to reach by road from the capital.

The only way to avoid getting bogged down in such messy logistics is to plan the entire trip and book hotels and domestic flights to and from each destination. Again, this can get quite complicated, so the best way to handle this is to let a tour company take care of it. Luxury tour operators have packages designed to make the most out of a week or two of vacation time.

Another advantage of being part of a tour group is that the luxury hotels and quality transportation makes the trip more comfortable. Expert guides lead the way, and can help visitors zero in on the attractions and activities that are most popular. Tour groups led by Argentina travel experts are also safe from tourist traps and other pitfalls that foreign tourists are susceptible to.

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