How To Pull Women In Bars

Know that feeling when you see a gorgeous girl that you really want to approach, but you don’t know what I say?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have just gone up to her confidently, and said the right thing that would have her fascinated and excited by you, instantly?

However, instead of approaching her, you did – precisely nothing.

You stood there and thought about what you should say. Desperately trying to micromanage the conversation in your own head.

How would she react if I were to say this?

If I say this and she responds in this way…what do I then say in return?


Unfortunately by now, if you do go and speak to her, there’s a good chance it will come off as weird or creepy. Why is this?

The reason – instead of being natural, you are trying to force the situation and her reaction.

One thing that women really hate is when guys are incongruent. These means that what comes out of their mouth is not aligned with their body language.

It’s exactly the same as those guys that act all loud, like they are the most confident dude on the planet, yet their body language shows a man who is shy and awkward.

When you’re around this, you just feel a bit weirded out. And girls are even more in tune to sense this stuff than us guys are!

So it makes a lot more sense to be honest about how you’re feeling. It’s also something pretty much no other guy does when he meets a girl!

So if you’re not feeling that confident right now, you can tell her that. If you really wanted to meet her because you find her really attractive, but you have no clue what to say – tell her that too. I promise that you will never get a bad reaction when you approach a girl in this way.

So if you’re feeling nervous and awkward – just say it. But don’t look for her sympathy or approval – just say it in a ‘this is where I’m at in this moment’ kind of way.

This shows real strength. It shows a man who is not hiding anything or trying to be something he is not.

I promise you that women are hardly ever approached in this way. It’s always loud and overconfident (comes across as fake) or quiet and underconfident (comes across as shy, boring and weak).

So why not give it a go?

Chadd Pfannenstein is a grizzled veteran of the pickup community who has spent the last decade relentlessly testing every attraction system that exists. He is now here to show you how to get laid simply by learning how to approach women in bars and clubs.

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