Is getting a job in aviation less complicated now than in the past?

The aviation industry has been changing over a period of time with the advent of discount carriers, the travelling public demanding cheaper airfares and the amount of competition in the market driving down airfares as well as placing force on the airlines attempting to turn a profit while handling the accelerating costs of getting involved in business.

Have we reached a point now the airlines are endeavoring to find less expensive ways of providing a service, which in a number of cases has resulted in areas of the business to be outsourced?

With these changes in direction, is it getting harder to find employment in the aviation industry?

Sadly in my view, it looks that if you are happy to work for low salary and not expect any satisfaction from your employer or any loyalty, that there may still be positions available in some airlines. It appears to be a rare thing to find an airline that cares for you as a worker and an employer that has respect for the value of paying staff what they are worth and providing respect that you merit as a pro in the airline industry.

There are always exceptions to the rule, and it would be great to believe that our industry could one day return to the time of respect and mutual drive for the betterment of the industry, airline job and the profitableness of many airlines that are involved in the aviation industry.

The aviation industry is continuing to grow and to be a great industry to be part of if you can find the correct fit for your current lifes goals. It is important to have realistic expectancies of what your searching for, but you may find this in the airline arena. Good luck with your job search out there, it?s a great industry to be in, and your dreams to be part of it shouldn?t be extinguished.

The team at Just Aviation offer 1 to 1 your airline career wishes. The airline industry is growing and may keep growing and is among the most exciting careers you can join.

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