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Since it was found by Jean Laporte in 1984, Cabarete has been the well recognised home of windsurfing and other venturesome water sports. Many world champs of surfing, kiteboarding and windsurfing have come out of Cabarete, thanks to the generous winds and the sufficient beaches and the amazing Cabarete accommodation.

If you choose your Cabarete accommodation thoroughly, you can use 1 or 2 advantages that will make your vacation more delightful. Not every hotel is offering these advantages, so select with care.

Stay True to Your Eco Roots

If you live your life in peace with the environment around you and try to keep your carbon footprint as low as practical you’ll enjoy staying at an eco-conscious hotel that thinks the same way. Cabarete is famous for its dynamic winds, so why wouldn’t the best Cabarete accommodation milk those fresh winds? The many hotels have done exactly that with a natural wind AC system providing natural wind to chill every room in the hotel. Not only will this cut out the necessity for air-con, nevertheless it allows guests to experience the freshness of seaside wind as they relax and curl up to sleep. This is terribly relaxing and energizing, and has gotten tons of praise from travelers. It is also a way to save the environment.

Join the “I” Crowd

Everyone wants to be a part of the “in” crowd. You know, those are the people who appear to have life all figured out and who everybody else wants to hang around with. When booking your Cabarete accommodation, ensure you are at a hotel that everybody wants to hang out at. There are specific hostels that are common hangout points even for visitors not booking a room at that hotel. In many cases, these are the hostels that visitors try and book first, but when they can not get rooms they just become regular faces hanging at the bar. These hotels present casual, fun atmospheres and can even throw in a free drink when you book a room. The attire is casual, the attitudes are friendly, and the atmosphere is energetic. This is the sort of hotel that you enjoy because there is no option but to smile and have a great time. Not all hostels in Cabarete are like this. You’ve got to select cleverly, or else you will be one of the visitors staying close by, but spending all of your time with the “in” crowd.

Stay In Shape

Look for a hotel that has got a great gym and training facility. This is vital if you’re staying more than a couple nights, because you want to remain in shape while you are away from home.

You will get lots of exercise running round the beaches and learning how to windsurf, but you may additionally want to order a session with a pro coach or go in on your own to stay abreast of your exercise routine. There really is only 1 Cabarete hotel that’s fantasically suited to those with fitness on the mind, and that’s one that’s right on the beach. It’s got a yoga loft and is home to the only underground half pipe in the Caribbean.

It’s also home to the best fitness club in Cabarete and spinning classes are always offered. You can also get trained in mixed fighting arts if that is of interest to you.

Every guest will find classes and clobber needed to keep fit and keep on course with fitness targets. That is a perk you don’t regularly get when away from home.

Views Right on Kite Beach

Kite Beach is clearly the best place to be in Cabarete, and if you book your Cabarete accommodation right, you’ll be staying in a massive room overlooking this beach. Not everyone who visits Cabarete has the luxury of living right on this beach, but those who can swing it end up in the heart of the action. Attractive ocean perspectives are outside of the hotel windows and the break of surf is right outside the front door.

Pools for Leisurely Enjoyment

You won’t always need to trek it out to the beach to enjoy the sunlight, which is why it’s vital to get a hotel that offers at least one pool. Play your cards right and you may book with a hotel that offers an indoor and outside pool, ideal for a dip at any point of the day all year round.

It isn’t tricky to find Cabarete accommodation with all of these benefits. Don’t just book for price. Book for simplicity, fun, and the vacation of an entire life.

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