Mayan Adventure Eco Tours In Central America

Central America offers an exciting adventure to the Mayan world. You will get to explore the ancient Mayan sites tucked in the heart of the tropical jungles. The Mayan tours in Central America also offer the chance to see the longstanding Mayan temples emerging from the encompassing Mayan tropical jungle abundant with plant and animal life. The Central American region is also a perfect place to go birding and you will get to see colorful parrots, blue herons and scarlet macaws.

Overseas adventure travel package includes extensive tours to the Mayan ruins in Guatemala and Belize which will last up to 20 days and are perfect for any adventurous traveler. In this ultimate tour, the traveler will get to explore the best of Yucatan. In addition, this tour will offer an exploration that will impart more learning about the ancient Mayans.

As you start your Mayan adventure, you won’t be needing some fancy resorts here. Get to visit the well known Chichen Itza ruins. Get a close up view of the largest pyramid in the Southern Hemisphere which is El Castillo. The first sports arenas were believed to be found in this location. The Grand Ball Court is immense and it is among the 7 ball courts found here. Hardly any of the rules of the ancient Mayan sport are recognized these days, with the exception that human sacrifice was involved eventually. I bet in this you will be really motivated to win. For more Yucatan experience, visit the Tikal and Tulum archaeological sites. If you want to see the ruins of Tulum you will need to take an additional tour from Playa del Carmen. See another three great Mayan cities such as Tikal, Calakmul and Waka or known today as El Peru.

Apart from visiting the ancient historical ruins, you also have the option to go scuba diving in the breathtaking beaches of Belize. Go swimming the azure Caribbean waters and see marine life in abundance. Also on offer are Cozumel tours which will let you experience being in an underwater wonderland.

You will get to explore the lushly vegetated jungle through a boat trip. For the bird watchers, the dense jungles offer the best bird watching experience. The jungle trees are a haven of a number of exotic species such as cheeky parakeets and majestic macaws. As you go along the trip, Spider monkeys and Howler monkeys can be seen on the treetops of the jungle. Floating logs can be seen on the river as well as crocodiles.

The Central American adventure travel will take you to the most amazing places in Mexico and Guatemala in the Yucatan Peninsula, offering an experience of a lifetime.

Tours to Central America offered by Duende Tours such as Private Cozumel Island Tour, Muyil and Sian Ka’an Tour and Coba Adventure Tour will take you to an exciting Mayan world exploration, enjoy nature at its best and embark on thrilling outdoor activities.

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