Organizing a Beautiful Wedding

Women preparing to get married typically think that they are going to need to knuckle down and work very hard in order to create the best wedding setting they have always wanted. Actually if you plan things appropriately and keep it easy, you will discover that that whole wedding preparation can be just as fun as the wedding itself.

To make this feasible though you need to be willing to do two things; you must be ready to give up being a perfectionist and be prepared to accept people’s help. If you would like the wedding planning to be something that is going to take care of itself, you should be willing to give up a bit of the control.

So if you are prepared to allow others to assist you, make out a list of closest family and friends, invite them for tea or cocktails at your home and say “Everybody, I really want for this wedding to be planned and organized as a group effort. Who’s in?” You will be amazed by the amount of people that are really delighted to be part of the planning process.

Order pizza and get your team members to think about decor, location, menu etc. Tell your group wedding planners that you do not want wedding presents from them, but rather to cover the expenses of part of the wedding. For instance someone might entirely take care of the wedding favors, someone might buy the flowers, somebody could hire the table decor and someone could possibly take care of the invites. In the end you will probably end up paying for just the location and catering.

Throughout the brainstorming session, try to see who is more enthusiastic about each task. If someone shows a lot of interest in the flowers, put them in charge of the flowers, and if they are truly imaginative about the invitations, put them in charge of the invites. See to it everybody leaves the meeting knowing precisely what their task is. Usually step one for everyone is to find 3-5 proposals for their “assigned task” with attached quotes. Be really sure that everybody is given a “due date”, by which time the proposals should be in. Make a personal Facebook group and invite all your helpers to take part in the conversation. This way everybody understands what everybody else is doing.

As a general rule, people who decide to assist you will wish to have their say. Everybody has an imaginative streak and do not appreciate being simple executors. Here you must be firm about what you desire because individuals might have established personal inclinations that they might want to force on you. Inform them you truly value all that they have done but that you just have a “gut feeling” that you need to adhere to that certain choice.

Here your personal sensitiveness and social skills come into play. You should be able to making everyone feel useful and valued, and at the same time make sure that they do not “take over” of your planning entirely. If team members start trying to force their viewpoints on you, just joke about it and say “I never ever said the choices were going to be taken democratically!” People generally understand that in the end it’s your wedding and you’re entitled to have it the way you want it.

Organizing a wedding by doing this will get individuals included right from the start and will take almost all of the weight off your shoulders. When the day is over you will be asking yourself why everyone does not simply plan weddings in this manner!

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