Our Top Seven is nothing short of Bar-beautiful!

Along with a few others, London is one of the design capitals of the World and it isn’t hard to see why when you delve into its funky bars, boutiques, hotels and restaurants. In fact, London is such a great night out that we have taken a little time to compile our top seven bars. All of these deserve a visit at least once.

Archer Street Cocktail Lounge, Soho. Archer Street Cocktail Lounge is one of the most popular cocktail bars currently on the block. The nonchalant and fashionable venue is split over two levels, each with their very own ambience. On the one hand, the ground floor is very ’boutiquey’, more of a sophisticated champagne bar; whereas on the other, the downstairs is more of a chill-out, relaxing drinking den where no airs and graces are needed – it just is what it is.

The NightJar Bar is just pure cool, nostalgic yet quirky and modern. It’s like stepping back in time to 1920’s New York or Paris with live Jazz and Americana tunes filling the air and sumptuous cocktails galore. The interiors mirror the 20’s theme perfectly, so much so that you can’t help but feel you’re right there in that time.

Roxx at BlagClub, Notting Hill. This is where we move more towards the hip, trendy and fun side of London’s bars. For a start, Roxx is modelled on that whole ‘VIP after-party theme’. It’s designed to enable you to let your hair down; dancing on tables is permitted here and the music is an awesome collaboration of rock n’ roll alongside modern day anthems. This is definitely one not to be missed!

Purple Bar at the Sanderson Hotel, West End. Purple Bar has been a favourite for years and it never ceases to amaze. The pure over-the-top, indulgent purple interior, coupled with delicious drinks and fantastic service, makes one feel all warm and gooey inside just thinking of it.

You can’t help but fall in love with Zenna: not only is it one of the latest editions to London’s bar scene, its also one of the most innovative. Cocktails are a ‘fav’, as are the many intimate alcoves, as well as the killer dance floor. For urban chic and a sense of something really artistic, Zenna is definitely worth a go.

BYOC, Covent Garden. BYOC in Covent Garden stands for Bring Your Own Cocktails, and by George we will! This seriously cool new London bar just has to be on our list. Basically, all you have to do is bring your own favourite spirit(s) and the bartenders will do the rest. A great way to save on the pennies whilst still experiencing a fantastic night out in the heart of London.

House Bar of Home House, Portman Square. The House Bar, located on the ground floor of No. 21, is our last, but by no means least, choice of top bars in London. Designed by the award-winning architect, Dame Zaha Hadid, and decorated by Candy Candy, this is an absolute must for the list. Featuring the designer’s signature sweeping lines and metallic finishes, this is the ideal place to enjoy chic cocktails and fine champagnes whilst looking up at the marvellous space age lights: modern and majestic are the first two words that spring to mind.

Home House is located in the heart of London, and plays host to the most exclusive and best bar and restaurant in London. With its luxurious restaurants, gardens and bedrooms, and an enviable calendar of social events, Home House is unrivalled by any other members only clubs London, or beyond!

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