Proper Corporate Attire: How To Practice Professionalism In The Office

Professionalism does not only mean speaking well in front of clients and associates in the office, coming on time during scheduled meetings or appointments, or having full knowledge of the products or services that you’re offering. While they are instrumental in achieving company goals, it is also important that you physically look good in terms of the way you dress up and carry yourself especially in a corporate business setting.

Be aware of what the company expects of its workers when it comes to the proper dress code. Don’t wear clothes that reveal too much skin including strapless, haltered, hanging, and spaghetti strap blouses, mini skirts, shorts, sweatpants, caps, slippers, and rubber shoes. It’s unbecoming of any employee to be seen wearing these while at work. They are unacceptable and will also put the company in bad light.

Generally, men are expected to come in clean, well-ironed business suits with neckties and pants whereas women in modest, business dresses, knee-length skirts, and tailored blazers or jackets, pants, and blouses. Sweaters, long-sleeved, collared, and turtle-neck shirts, are also some of the closet basics that you should have.

Keep hair simple, neat and kept away from the face. Wear light make-up in earth tones for a natural look. Avoid flashy accessories. In terms of footwear, leather loafers and boots, and closed or peep-toe pumps that can be flat or heeled are prescribed. Men should have a shaven appearance and maintain a decent and conventional haircut where length should be at least one inch above the shirt collar.

There are cases where organizations require their employees to be dressed in customized uniform Singapore apparel suppliers offer. They do this with the objective of instilling a sense of belongingness and professionalism in the workplace or wherever the company is represented. It’s your responsibility to wear it with pride and as such, you have to conduct yourself appropriately in all your dealings with both internal and external clients. Proper size and comfort are crucial elements that should not be compromised. If you have issues with how they fit, do not hesitate to let your uniform supplier Singapore provider know about this so that necessary alterations can be made right away.

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