Queensland’s Top Holiday Spots

Queensland is a state of Australia, in the northeast of the country. The capital city is Brisbane.

For those individuals who do not know Queensland, it is sold as the State where Australia shines. It is hot, bright and has (to my mind) the best beaches in Australia.

I had a brilliant idea of what people may suggest going into this story, however it had one or two surprises. Here is what everyone came up with and they can all be visited best by campervan hire Qld:

The Great Barrier Reef

No surprises that this came top of the list. The Great Barrier Reef stretching from Central Queensland on the East Coast of Australia to Papua New Guinea is the biggest living organism in the world. It is a natural wonder of the planet and famous for the great thing about the coral and the creatures that occupy it.

What was surprising was the superb ways that were advised to experience the reef. Snorkelling and diving were well-liked, as were copter rides above the reef so that you can actually gauge the size of this phenomenal place.

The Whitsundays

The Whitsundays are a group 74 islands off the Central Queensland coast. The islands provide a massive range of tropical shangri la getaways for visitors of all nature. Ideas for the Whitsundays included snorkelling and diving, as well as swimming with Dolphins off Hamilton Island. Sailing is also a favored past time in the Whitsundays and a variety of boats offer sailors of all capability the chance to experience a great day out.

Fraser Island

Fraser Island is the biggest sand island in the world. No this doesn’t mean it is merely a enormous pile of sand. It has striking bushland, lakes, beaches and wildlife. Any Queensland bucket list must include a 4WD camping outing here, but bring plenty of toilet tissue as bogs are few and far between. Likewise don’t feed the dingoes otherwise the rangers will be chasing after you. You do get back to nature here.

The Sun Coast

There are plenty of places to surf in Queensland, however having instruction in Noosa on the Sun Coast was a popular option. Noosa was once a tired fishing town but is now a hip, contemporary town offering the most recent fashions and food on famous Hastings Street.


Brisbane, capital of Queensland, has its own unique experiences. There are only three bridge climbs in the world and one of them is on the Level Bridge in central Brisbane, which enables you to get a really unique view of this town. A short drive and boat ride from the CBD is Moreton Bay, a remarkable water way and group of islands that offer camping, fishing, surfing, canoeing, sailing, diving and snorkelling at its best. No surprises here that it hit the Queensland bucket list.

The Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is an enormously popular vacation resort. It offer 26 kms of beaches with Surfers Paradise is classic for its party and fun way of life. The Gold Coast is also famous for its theme parks and these naturally hit the bucket list. Warner Brothers Mvie World, Sea World, Dream World, Wet n ‘ Wild, White Water World and Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary offer an impressive range of rides and experiences for every age.

A lesser known part of the Gold Coast for tourists is Currumbin. This a truly popular surf spot for locals and when the tide is out the creek turns into a water wonderland. The most bizarre bucket list suggestion was walking thru the rock pools at Currumbin in the rain.

By Peter Dazzer.

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