Religious Landmarks in Las Vegas

Officially declared a city around 1911, the town of Vegas can still be considered by many as a reasonably new city. Vegas, Nevada is commonly known as the entertainment capital of the Earth, Sin City, The City of Luck – a tourist’s “free-for-all” and a place that permits access to most anything your heart desires. Many would agree that it is probably the least likely place for historical sites or non secular landmarks. But believe it to be true or not, settled on the dusty Nevada desert – there are quite a sizeable number of Vegas Religious Landmarks. Below is a catalogue of things to see next time you are in the Sin City Nevada.

The Replica of Michelangelo’s Pieta

One of the most important EU canonical works, Michelangelo’s Pieta, can be seen at the Our Lady of Las Vegas Church located on 3050 Alta Drive, 89107. The duplicate of the famous statue pictures the Virgin Mary carrying in her lap the battered Jesus – her sorrowful expression still reflects the love for her only begotten boy. This intensely moving piece of art work is recreated with remarkable precision and eye to detail. Viewing the piece is absolutely free to the public and it should definitely be seen by anyone and everyone visiting the city of Las Vegas.

The LDS Mormon Church located on the East side

Found on 827 Temple View Drive, 89110, the LDS Mormon Church/Temple is amongst the most monumental pieces of architecture in all the town. The Mormon church is built in a more Western european medieval and standard style design with increasing spires and fantastic sculptures of angels aligning the roof tops. Nearly unknown to the tourists of Vegas, the LDS Mormon church sits on top of a hill on the east side of the city adjacent to Frenchman’s mountain. From this location you can view the whole Las Vegas valley: the Vegas strip, the town of Summerlin and plenty more. When the sun sets, the lights of the church illuminate divulging the structure in all its heavenly glory. For more information on visiting the location, make sure to call (702) 452-5011 to schedule a single or group attendance meeting to explore the temple grounds. An incredible and almost celestial experience awaits you at the LDS Mormon church of Vegas.

Chaiya Meditation Monastery

Some of the most beautiful Buddhist statues can be discovered at the Chaiya Meditation Monastery – one of the most interesting religious landmarks in Las Vegas. Located on 7925 Virtue Court, 89139, this Buddhist church is situated close to the mountains and rock formations that create the Red Rock Canyon making it a quiet and serene location to meditate and to get a waft of clean air. Absolutely open to the general public, you can enjoy home made Thai and Burmese cuisine cooked and prepared by Buddhist supporters who make daily visits to the holy site. And, if you've any questions about life, the deviser Ajarn Chaiya will be very happy to bring some answers to light.

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