What Are The Korean Foods To Try?

Many people worldwide know love everything about Korean culture. Thanks to their pop music and awesome fashion style, Koreans indeed have invaded globally. Their music is now very popular in our local radio stations. Hollywood celebrities are now following the trend of Korean culture.

Korea is not only about pop music and classy and fashionable garment, Korea has a rich culture that until now, has brought mystery and wonder to us. Korean food and cuisine may not be popular as their music and fashion, but learning more about them helps us understand the Korean culture.

Korean cuisine and dishes may look a lot similar to Japanese and Asian cuisine but when you taste them, they have a strong Korean taste that is different from other cuisines. View Korean food gallery to see amazing and unique dishes that are purely Korean. But we don’t have forever to discuss all of them. To help you learn more about Korean food, here are some of the most popular Korean dishes being served worldwide.

The most popular Korean food around is “kimchi.” Koreans love this food and everytime they dine, “kimchi” is always present on their tables. Spicy foods are among the favorites of Koreans, that is why a kimchi is always spicy. Kimchi is also very easy to make that is why Koreans can easily put kimchi on their tables. Fermented cabbage is the prime ingredient of a kimchi. Other spices are also included such as garlic and ginger as well as a scallion.

Koreans are also popular with stew. Amazingly, Korean recipes offer different soups that would fill up our hungry stomachs. Koreans often make Kimchi stew. “Hang-over” stew is common especially among people who love to drink late at night. Hang-over stew makes a person feel relieved after a night of drinking sessions. It is made from cabbage, beef, beans, vegetable, and congealed ox blood.

Seafood never leave the Asian dining table. Korea developed unique seafood specialties. Asia is a vast continent wherein it influences how Koreans cook their food. One of the most favorite seafood is crab that is cooked with soy sauce. Koreans also cook mud fish. Mud fish is often cooked as a stew or soup along with other vegetables.

Koreans, just like the Chinese and Japanese, also love noodles and stir-fry vegetables. The popularity of these different foods has reached worldwide that different countries often have their own noodle recipes. Noodles are most popular and often termed as a Chinese recipe, but Korea also has their own way of cooking noodles. Koreans have Jjajangmyeon as their noodle recipe. Koreans are very created and have made this recipe in authentic Korean style. Spicy Seafood Noodles and Spicy Buckwheat Noodles are among their popular noodles around. If you are not a spicy food lover, there are a lot of non spicy foods that are authentic Korean. Korean restaurants offer these popular Korean food and they can cook it in spicy or not.

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