Why Chinese Girls Are Just Not “chinese Girls” Anymore.

Traditionally, Chinese girls have always been viewed as obedient, faithful and caring women. They were taught by their parents to remain lovable, respect their husbands, take care of the children and run the home. This submissive picture of the Chinese woman later led to attract many foreign men trying to find a wife or someone to run their household.

As increasing numbers of Chinese women start to attend universities and build solid careers, the picture of the submissive Chinese wife has given way to the tiger woman stereotype. Further, ladies have been free of the expectation of an arranged marriage and won the right to pursue education, to compete for the same jobs as Chinese men and, above all, to become portion of China’s super-rich.

This new generation of highly capable women may not be prepared to settle for just any man, but simultaneously they desperately need to get married. They make up a group of women aged 26 to 34 who’ve been constantly rejected by men who are usually not comfortable with their careers and achievements. Others have struggled in relationships with boyfriends who expected them to not spend as much time at work and concentrate more on domestic and family life. As if this weren’t bad enough, the country’s communist government has was able to stir up the problem even more by ordering its feminist All-China Women’s Federation to implement the derogatory term ‘leftover women’ in order to urge them into marriage.

A great deal of Chinese men think that a woman with a higher university degree could be too hard to overpower and prefer to find less educated wives, who will depend more on them. This dependence is probably precisely why divorce remains an unusual thing in China. As a matter of fact, it is common for Chinese people to regard foreigners as serious marriage partners. Many feel that foreigners don’t value marriage, since divorce is a common thing in many western countries. What they are not able to understand, however, is that the modern Chinese woman at present is going through what our mothers underwent in the late 60s. When the young western women of the 60s and 70s broke free from the picture of the housewife of the 50s, they were left to cope with guys who were raised to assume that a good wife is actually a house wife. Unfortunately, they weren’t so quickly to adapt to the new mindset of their females and eventually failed to hold their marriages together.

In China, as women will build their very own careers and turn independent from men, they too, are realizing that sometimes it is better to be alone than in bad company. They do know their real value and are getting more demanding than previously.

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