Why People Visit St. George Island

If you are in search for the ideal haven to spend your next vacation, St. George Island is going to be your perfect choice. Nestled in northwest Florida’s Panhandle coast, it offers vacationers secluded beaches and tranquil surroundings for an unforgettable stay.

If you are looking for a totally different environment to relax, this place is going to be your terrific choice. Through time it is never commercialized. It maintains a laid back atmosphere you will surely relish during your stay. This is simply a place with no fancy restaurants and clubs. All you have are the simple pleasures of life waiting to be discovered.

This barrier island keeps the Old Florida spirit alive through the years. Tourists can still feel it in its mouth watering Southern cuisine that goes with town folks’ penchant for a healthy lifestyle sustained by its old-fashioned seafood industry. The finest accommodations in this vacation hideaway are the time tested St. George Island vacation rental properties. These are real homes inhabited by locals but are available for rent to tourists. It is worthwhile to note that there are only few hotels operating in the area. With open skies, visitors can enjoy the beautiful and natural skyline. They can relish the beauty of every sunset and sunrise every day of their stay.

With a rich heritage, St. George Island and the rest of the Forgotten Coast gives vacationers a colorful past that they can easily enjoy during their tour in the area. Exciting areas to visit includes the Apalachicola’s National Historical District which goes back to the 1830’s. Cape St. George Lighthouse, John Gorrie State Museum, the Dixie Theater, Chestnut Street Cemetery and the Apalachicola Maritime Museum complete the list of beautiful places to see.

People come to St. George Island because of the myriad festivities happening here every year. Almost at any given time tourists can get a glimpse of them since they happen all year round. Families are drawn to exciting tournaments, races and even parades where they can enjoy great food, awesome music and most of all meet new friends. St. George Island beach vacation enthusiasts usually reserve ahead to catch their favorite Oyster Spat Festival, Seafood Festival and the Annual SGI Mullet Toss.

The beaches of St. George Island are uniquely beautiful. They are in fact among the leading reasons as well why holiday goers flock to the island. You can imagine yourself lying on the velvet sugary white sand beaches enjoying only the sound of the waves and birds. Seeing all the spectacular views around will truly bring healing to both body and soul. Create wonderful memories with families and friends at St. George Island today!

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