Why Your Distance Relationship Is Failing

You will not find reasons for avoiding a long distance relationship in this article. You should know that long distance relationships can work and often do work. You just have to put in the time and effort for a successful outcome, and the benefits can be brilliant. Below I will describe the main reasons why a long distance relationship doesn’t work.

Lack of Communication

Some people have no knowledge of what it means to be in a committed long distance relationship. Many feel that it’s the opportunity to be free from the chains of their lover for a short time. While others think it’s an absolute catastrophe. You both will need to be aware that this might be more demanding than you think. But don’t be disheartened. As I said earlier, the results can be amazing.

Different Expectations

Assuming you’re lucky enough to be in the same country, or even the same state, as your partner then you might only have to buy a rail or bus pass to see them. However if your distance relationship is out of the country, remember to take into consideration the price of a flight that you will need to pay each time you meet up with your companion.

Lack of Interaction

The biggest reason why a lot of relationships start to go wrong, not to mention those involving long distance, is because couples have simply no plans for the long term. Prior to the departure, be sure that you know where the relationship is headed. This will likely save a lot of heartache along the line when you find that you don’t want to be married, when they tell you that they do.

Large Travel Expenses

Trust has a significant part in any relationship, but more so than ever for a distance relationship. Many have a false presumption that they could get up to anything they want when their loved one isn’t around. We highly advise against this belief. Participation in trust activities and asking relationship developing questions to get to know each other better will definitely help to develop a stable foundation of trust.

Not Enough Trust

Two opposites won’t attract if you both have totally different views on important factors of life. Take the opportunity before getting involved in the distance relationship to understand the views and opinions of your significant other. And don’t be too proud to change your own opinions to fit theirs.

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