A New Trend In The Hospitality Trades – Longer Stay Motel Rooms

Staying in a hotel in for a long period of time is actually with good reasons. Some of the reasons are long weekend seminars, extended vacations for families, group meeting and trips and hectic working schedule for employees and their inability to go home from the city. In these reasons, extended stays in hotels are needed. But the question is, why select extended hotels from the other types of apartments or hotels? In this article, you may know the facts about extended long stay hotels and if staying in this place is indicated for you.

The first reason that you must consider in choosing the extended stay hotels is their clean studio suits and bedroom suits with an equipped kitchen and workspaces. In actuality, you might feel that you are in your own home because these hotels would let you continue the routines that you started. For example, you are fond of cooking different dishes at home, extended stay hotels are offering kitchen facilities with an equipped tool like cook tops, fridges, cutlery and other cooking utensils. Appliances for heating and baking like microwaves and ovens are also included. If you are an avid searcher and surfer of the web, you may not feel bored because there are offered internet connections. Aside from cooking and surfing the internet, relaxation session is also important. You can lie and feel comfortable through their soft couches and chairs located in your suit and corridors. In addition, you may use their tables and desks for eating and doing paper works.

The second reason that you must know is their offered rates and reward programs for clients with long accommodations. In this case, discounts are possible because calculations of rates are based on a weekly basis. Aside from discounts, you can get a free access to their other facilities like pools or gyms but you need to make sure that there are no charges upon booking in. Some hotels are letting their clients to use the pools as long as they are staying inside the suit. You may also find shops inside the extended stay hotels.

Travelers or clients with hectic schedules may forget to clean their suits and rooms so in this case, housekeeping staffs are needed. In actuality, some hotels are offering a daily cleaning service that includes changing of bed mattresses or linens but on the other hand, clients without special request may receive a once a week cleaning service. Housekeeping staffs are also cleaning the bathrooms and living rooms. If you are asking for the laundry services, you can inquire about it upon booking in.

Online booking for extended stay hotels is now a common practice during these days. So if you have no time to visit, you may reserve and pay through online access. Styles of hotel and prices are now in lists so you may choose depending on your wants and needs. Hotel policies and agreements are explained upon booking in. The only drawback in these types of hotels is the one and only option for bedroom styles.

The length of stay in these apartment hotels is varied with anywhere from a few days to months or even years. The people that stay in apartment hotels use them as a home away from home, therefore they are usually fitted with everything the average home would require.. This article, A New Trend In The Hospitality Trades – Longer Stay Motel Rooms is released under a creative commons attribution license.

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