Best California Vacations: Santa Cruz Wineries

Santa Cruz is known for the film The Lost Boys, the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and the redwoods. What you didnt’ know is that Santa Cruz has incredible wine and wineries.

With more than 70 tasting rooms and wineries, Santa Cruz wineries is one of the oldest wine regions in America that is still active to this day. There are lots of great attractions in this place. The pinot noir is their main signature wine variety and has garnered top honors among the rest. At the background, the landscape view of the Santa Cruz County is symbolic of the withstanding culture of the region. It is also provides different kinds of entertainment events for the locals and visitors alike such as the wine and art festivals in Capitola, Boulder Creek and Scotts Valley, which is the go-to places of most wine lovers. Here are the best vineyards in Santa Cruz wineries.

Situated in the Santa Cruz county is the remarkable Sones Cellars. They offer various wine drinks such as Petite Syrah, Shiraz/ Syrah, Pinot Noir, Zifandel and White Blend. Successfully managed by Lois and Michael Sones, they made sure to provide their guests more reasons to go there. You can tour the barrel rooms, soak in the natural landscapes around, have private events and private tastings, buy stuff at their store, go on a wine and food pairing, enjoy a musical performance and of course, taste their wine. They are available from Friday through Sunday from 12 noon to 5:00 pm. To have an easier time, you might as well contact them and book an appointment with them.

In 1983, Randall Grahm commenced wine production with Boon Doon Vineyard in Santa Cruz Wineries. In fact, they adopted the Rhone variety initially among the wineries located within the state. Because of this, Mr. Grahm is christened as “The Rhone Ranger” of California. In addition to that, Boon Doon Vineyard has also gradually incorporated other blends and varieties into the wine from Italy, such as biodynamic and screwscaps methods. Despite suffering from a great loss of their vineyards due to Pierce’s disease, the vineyard continued to supply their customers with the same top notch wine by buying grapes from other wineries in California, Europe and Oregon. It is now one of the most renowned wineries in Santa Cruz with over a hundred years of providing premium and delectable specially made wines

Copious Winery specially highlights the award-winning skills and talents of Lance Campbell, who is critically acclaimed both nationally and worldwide. Wine lovers as well as wine newbies are treated with their time0honored wine varieties that are actually created with cutting-edge modes of concocting wines which in turn, they are able to produce some of the best, distinct and complex wine blends in the wine region. Copious winery generate one of the finest wines varying between buoyant raspberry and cranberry flavors to pinot noir, Chardonnay carneros and Sauvignon Blanc as only some of the many they have.

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