Car Hire Savings To Be Made

Holiday makers tend to forget the little things which mount up on your car hire without you thinking about it other than the rental costs. Ask yourself if you can do without the following in your rental.

Hiring Baby Seats Any renter who has travelled with young children will know all that is involved and what is needed to bring with them on holiday. Laws vary from country to country but here in the UK all children under 13500mm require to be fitted with a belt and seat where possible for their safety. There are a number of different seats to rent when hiring a car from a baby to booster cushion seat. The question to ask yourself is do you need to rent one or can you bring your own with you from the house? You could save yourself around 20 plus each day by bringing your own.

Additional Drivers Do you need two drivers? Think and plan your journey carefully. Journeys within a couple of hours from the airport often do not require two drivers. If you are visiting and staying with family , your journey will be broken up by over night stays at your in-laws and will not require an extra driver on your holiday. Longer journeys can be broken up by long stops and having lunch in a town centre restaurant. Most of the time in the UK drivers trend not to drive anywhere for more than 3 to 4 hours at a time and split their journeys which means extra drivers are not required .

Insurance Yes Or No? Do you need to purchase an insurance policy? You can rent without taking out an excess policy and just stick with the rental costs of your hire. Most of the time is fine as the excess deposit will be keep frozen on your card until your car is returned undamaged and then you deposit will be unfrozen back onto your card. Another option is for you to purchase a branch policy which will reduce your excess either to zero or a few hundred pounds depending on which policy you purchased. The third option is to buy a policy from another supplier and reclaim back any damage from them which may occur during your car hire time.

Happy saving in your car hire. Look at the above carefully and see which one you can save money on.

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