Cooper Tires Are Famous Throughout The World For Their Superior Quality

Cooper Tires is part of a globally recognized family of companies devoted toward producing quality products as their story reveals how they have developed, grown, expanded and succeeded. The story begins when two brothers-in-law named Charles E. Hart and John F. Schaefer purchased the M and M Manufacturing Company in 1914 that was located in Akron Ohio. The products of that business included producing tire patches, tire cement and tire repair kits, which led them to become a tire production giant that increased its products and also its manufacturing plants, distribution system and marketplace.

In 1915 the brothers-in-law acquired The Giant Tire And Rubber Company of Akron that was a tire rebuilding business, which was one of the numerous acquisitions that helped the company grow and expand. Most individuals and businesses focused on patriotism during the period of World War II, including this company who made their contribution to fulfill their part of helping by converting their hard goods department to wartime production.

Cooper Tires became a publicly held corporation that was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 1960 and changed its name to Cooper Tire And Rubber Company. As they expanded their products and manufacturing plants over time they joined the ranks of the Fortune 500 companies to become one of the biggest industrial companies in the United States. The acquisition of the Standard Products Company increased their number of employees by 10,000 as they continued to grow with acquisitions giving them fifty manufacturing facilities in nine countries.

Eventually they decided to return the company to its core business of tire manufacturing selling off its automotive business to allow new opportunities for growth. All around the world this company is regarded a top brand for tire production as it capitalizes on superior customer service and their North American dealer relationships. The design and production of quality tires for a wide variety of vehicles and driving situations has been their specialty. They are recognized all around the world for producing superior tires with a long-wearing tread that provide a smooth ride and excellent control.

The company is globally positioned as a pre-eminent producer of high-performance and ultra high-performance tires. You can find passenger tires designed and manufactured that are available for cars and minivans, sport truck and sport utility vehicle tires, high performance and maximum performance tires, touring and winter tires and even superior tires for all terrain use. They supply a large variety of tires that can be used for vehicles that are just about any type. It is easy to see why they have become so popular and grown.

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