Enjoy The Best Of South America With Luxury Tours In Peru

Although South America is not known as a premier holiday destination, it is surprising to see how many luxury tours in Peru are now on offer. If you are looking for a truly amazing vacation then you would be wise to consider exploring the wonders of this land.

If you want to experience a real Amazon vacation you could opt for a jungle lodge deep in the jungle. There are many great luxury lodges to choose from, each offering their own unique style. Staying tucked away in the the middle of nature will allow one to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Peru first hand.

Many of the top hotels in Peru offer their guests a king size bed with crisp fresh sheets, 6 high quality pillows, private plunge pools with a terrace, an open plan bathroom and 2 hammocks to laze in while sipping sun-downers. A separate shower and double basins can also be found in the room. For those who will brave it, there is also an outdoor shower. One is able to book a weeks stay in pure luxury and still be in nature. There is nothing better than hearing all the sounds of the jungle while enjoying a deep massage at the hotel spa.

One can also enjoy a once in a life time experience on a luxury train. The locomotive traverses some of the most splendid country in Peru. It is a three hour long journey and guests can expect the perfect champagne reception. One will see traditional dancing and experience delicious gourmet meals while looking out to breathtaking scenery.

With Peruvian cuisine hitting the charts nowadays, one will want to experience as much of it as possible. Dining in Lima’s best restaurants is great for any food lover as you taste all the local delicacies. There is not much that will beat overlooking the archaeological sites of Peru while tucking into a delicious meal.

Holidaymakers are even given the opportunity to dine at a beautiful restaurant which is located near to one of the very important ceremonial sites. This area dates back to 200-700 AD. Should you want to eat there during peak season you would probably find that you will have to reserve a place. You can always arrange for your hotel to organize this for you.

Another great way to experience this top destination it to go to where it is believed that the Amazon River originates. One can do this on a river boat. Fantastic jungle excursions can be enjoyed during these trips and guests can expect all the amenities of a 5 star luxury hotel. It is important to make a booking for this trip in advance, as it is very popular.

If luxury tours in Peru are what you are looking for, then you will not want to miss out on staying in the cloud forest garden for a few night. Here you can choose to have a lavish bungalow or an open planned thatched suite. If you are looking for the adventure of a life time then this is definitely one way to go about finding it.

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