Experience A Unique Adventure At St. George Island

If you are looking for a unique island vacation, St. George Island, Florida is an exciting choice. This isle showcases untainted beaches and St. George Island State Park on its eastern end. The 2,023-acre state park contains salt wetlands, nine miles of seacoast and forested acres inhabited only by birds and are teeming with marine life. The 79-foot St. George Island Lighthouse, the highest structure on the isle, stands in the heart. The island offers activities for individuals who love to bring their pets along.

Several outdoor activities are waiting in St. George Island. Vacationers can try their hand on fishing, shell hunting, biking, hiking and even swimming. Whether along the coastline or in the remote parts and inlets of the island, visitors can find exciting adventures. With marina and sporting goods stores that abound in the island, it is easy to rent a boat, bike or any equipment of your choice. If you have your own boat, you can bring it on your vacation. Island boat launches and docks can be utilized during your stay. This is a place where pets are welcome. Outfitting stores are even at hand to provide amenities needed by dogs going along with your boat trip.

St. George Island offers two social spots – Sea Oats Art Gallery and St. George Lighthouse. See Oats Art Gallery highlights pieces by community artisans, showcasing oil and watercolor works of art. The collection provides art lesson for grown-ups who want to study acrylic, watercolor or oil painting. The St. George Lighthouse gives vacationers a unique opportunity to take a look at its premises and scale its 92 stairs. The lighthouse similarly houses gatherings like artworks fairs and event, art advertising and street entertainers.

The island features around 10 dining places, from reasonably priced chain restaurants to locally-owned bistros. Fishers may prepare their catches of that day or indulge in crisp fish, such as steamed shellfish, prepared at area restaurants. Family-friendly restaurants offer kid-friendly food items like hot dogs, cheese burgers and puddings. Go for restaurants that serve breakfast and/or lunch or offer late-night dinner and entertainment. Restaurants with open-air patios admit diners with dogs and cats; some even giving menu items for your pets.

You will always feel at home in St. George Island. It offers an array of accommodations ranging from a few small motels overlooking the beach as well as campsites at St. George Island State Park and more than 650 vacation homes and condos. The majority of these accommodations are pet-friendly vacation rental homes as long as animals remain leashed. Vacation homes come with all the amenities that you are looking for in an ideal family vacation. Make St. George Island your next vacation destination!

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