Experience The Best Peru Luxury Travel Destinations

For many years South America has offered fantastic traveling experiences but they did not focus on Peru luxury travel. Hotels and travel agencies did not accommodate the more refined traveler and the conditions in hotels left a bit to be desired. This is no longer the case and there are now quite a few places that will leave even the finest visitor surprised.

Some lodges are deep in the jungle where they are equipped to offer guests a luxurious experience. The rooms are all fitted with fantastic decor and furnished beautifully with the latest trends and equipment. This way guests can get to enjoy all the luxuries of a 5 star hotel while having a true Amazon experience. This is just one of the many options available to you should you want to enjoy a once in a life time getaway to a remote destination.

One is also able to book a stay at one of the many top lodges in the region. You can expect to be escorted to your suite where you will be met with a complimentary bottle of champagne and a delicious hamper of sweet goodies. The luxury king sized bed and comfortable pillows will be calling your name. There will be clean linen as well as towels for you to make use of during your stay. Here you will also have 2 showers with a his and hers basin.

When going to Peru one should try not to miss the train. It is a luxury locomotive that will take you for a long three hour trip along the most stunning scenery you will ever see. You will be wined and dined and will eat of the best cuisine in the country. You will also be entertained by local dancers along the way.

It may happen that while you are on your tour you find yourself dining in luxury at one of the rarest archaeological sites in the country. Here you will enjoy the most beautiful landscapes the Amazon has to offer. You will once again be offered the finest cuisine and get to experience being in the same spot as the ancient Incas.

The new taste of Peruvian food is definitely something one would want to try out. Guests can now enjoy novoandina meals, which have been making a name for themselves in many top kitchens. This specialty food from Peru is taking the world by storm and is becoming very popular among tourists in local restaurants.

When booking a luxurious tour package you can expect to find great dining experiences. All the hotels have worked hard on providing their guests the best there is to offer and they have not skimped with the luxury items. Hot showers and steaming tubs are all part and parcel of what you can expect.

Should you wish to book a Peru luxury travel package, make sure that it includes a ride on a river boat. This trip goes down the Amazon River. These luxury boats are fully equipped and are luxuriously fitted out. If you are looking for a truly memorable vacation, then you nee to look no further. Nothing could be better than being in the heart of nature while enjoying the amenities of 5 star accommodation, dining and entertainment.

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