Find Out The Five Sexiest Places For A Feminine Tattoo

Almost all women love to be considered “sexy”. When a woman chooses her new tattoo design… sexy designs are almost always at top of the list. Women express themselves with their tattoos. Choosing a tattoo is often about how a woman wants to be perceived by others. A woman’s tattoo usually reflects her femininity and the other traits she would like to be known for.

It’s all about location and attitude when it comes to sexy tattoos. The design matters, of course, but choosing the right body part for placing that tattoo will add to how sexy it will be. A woman’s attitude is definitely a major part of whether her tattoo is sexy…if it makes her feel sexier…then it’s a sexy tattoo!

Here are some of the most chosen body areas for sexy placement of tattoos:

The lower back is very much still the top location for sexy tattoos. It’s the most often searched tattoo online. It is still extremely popular despite the recent popularity of tattoos on arms, legs and shoulders. The lower back tattoo is often referred to as a “tramp stamp” which only adds to its mysterious appeal.

The shoulder is a body part that is one of the sexiest locations for feminine tattoos. A tattoo on the shoulder looks gorgeous when shown with flirtatious tops like a one shoulder blouse and tank tops. Whether it’s on the front or the back of the shoulder…if a woman enjoys showing her off this tattoo…then it’s a sexy tattoo!

The rib cage is another area of the body that’s catching the attention of female tattoo enthusiasts as a sexy place to get inked. Designs tattooed in this area are flattering to the curves of a woman’s body. A tattoo on a woman’s side looks great when she’s wearing lingerie or a bikini. This is one of the sexiest places for an “intimate” tattoo seen only by a woman’s lover.

Right above the bikini line on a woman’s lower abdomen is a perfect place for a sexy tattoo. A tattoo is this area is very provocative when peaking out of lovely low cut lace or silky panties. This is also an extremely sensual area for a tattoo and men almost always agree that it is a real “turn-on”!

Ankle and foot tattoos continue to rise in popularity among women. A tattoo in this area can look gorgeous with a sexy pair of high heels. Designs like small feminine stars, butterflies, and flowers are often favorites in this location. Many women also love a small tribal design on the foot. Ankle bracelet tattoos that encircle this area can be extremely sexy.

When you decide where to place that sexy tattoo of yours, always think of the areas of your own body that are your favorite places. Being sexy is an individual thing. So remember…If you feel sexy, you definitely are sexy!

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