Goodyear Tires Have Made Some Extremely Important Appearances Over The Years

It seems a bit confusing, but the Goodyear Tires are manufactured by a company that was named after Charles Goodyear even though he did not have a direct connection with the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company. If we check a little further into the company history it will make more sense. In 1839 a gentleman by the name of Charles Goodyear developed vulcanized rubber, inspiring Frank Seiberling who founded the company in 1898 to name it after the inventor of vulcanized rubber. The vulcanization process helped make these tires easily detachable and required very little maintenance so they became popular very fast.

This company is well-known for quality products as it strives to produce the best tires on the road, using its own testing standards that are higher than those issued by the government. They offer quality tires of this type for private passenger vehicles, trucks, an SUV, a trailer and also for All Terrain Vehicles. As we take a peek at the history of this company we will learn that they made an impressive appearance at some important historical events with excellent products that this company is well known for manufacturing in addition to those listed quality tires.

In 1898 the first Goodyear Tires were produced by their factory in Akron, Ohio. At that time they specialized in bicycle tires, tires for carriages, pads for horseshoes and chips used to play poker. Racing tires were supplied to Henry Ford in 1901, and in 1903 the original tubeless automobile tire was patented by them. The pioneer pneumatic aircraft tires were made by them in 1909. The original airship envelope was developed by them in 1911 followed by the Goodyear blimp’s 1912 debut.

They became the biggest rubber manufacturer in the world by 1926 and had its initial public offering and were listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 1927. A synthetic rubber tire was the first American-made that was manufactured by them in 1937 to be followed in 1947 by nylon tires that were the first of their kind. The following period revealed that more winning race cars used their racing tires than any other brand available. Apollo 14 had tires made by them to become the first tires on the moon in the 1970s. The drivers in the Indianapolis 500 all used tires supplied by this company by 1975.

Another brand that has an impressive line is the Michelin tires that are also one of the world’s largest producers of tires. This company focuses on all-around excellence providing driver satisfaction that can be experienced on the highways, city streets and also in off-road venues.

You can learn more and find out how to obtain some expert assistance when you go to Goodyear tires and remember to check Michelin tires.

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