Happy Head In San Diego Gives Away Free Scalp Massagers With First Massage Purchase.

Massaging the back and feet is something that many people have come to love. But massaging the head is something new. Happy Head Foot Reflexology and Massage in the Hillcrest area of San Diego is bringing a relaxing tradition back from Vietnam to the United States. It’s called Vietnamese head massage, and people in San Diego and Hillcrest looking for a great massage are raving about this massage therapy service. And best of all for a limited time, Happy Hands Massage is also giving away a free Headgasm scalp massager with any head, back, or full body massage purchase.

Happy Head Massage in Hillcrest offers many massage therapy services to Hillcrest residents. But their most requested massage service that everyone enjoys is known as Vietnamese head massage. This type of massage lasts 60 minutes long. The first twenty five minutes is what makes this massage so special. The scalp is pampered, rubbed and massaged to pure pleasure. And the remaining time the rest of the body is relaxed and massaged by the certified massage therapists. This massage service has taken the old term of happy endings and brought up a new, nicer term to massage known as happy beginnings. And it all starts with a great head massage at the Happy Hands. A Vietnamese head massage costs only $39 at Happy Hands Foot Reflexology and Massage in the 92103 zip code in San Diego.

Not to be confused with Indian Head Massage which is an alternative medicine massage therapy, Vietnamese head massage has the primary goal in mind which is to make you feel great and relaxed. This head massage and scalp massage are also wonderful for individuals suffering from headaches, stress, tension, fatigue, and neck pain. Vicente, a resident in the Hillcrest area of San Diego says “I love getting a head massage! After a long hard day at work I come to the Happy Head to completely relax my mind and feel so good.” The head massage is a one of a kind experience which many in Hillcrest have come to love.

For a very limited time Happy Hands Foot Reflexology and Massage in San Diego is giving away free Headgasm scalp massagers with any massage purchase. For those that have tried it, it’s a wonderful feeling that they know all too well. For those that have not tried it, they are missing out. Think about someone running their finger tips through your hair and massaging your head. Doesn’t that sound great? Now imagine that feeling multiplied by 10. There is a very unique reason why it’s called the Headgasm. It’s been described by many as blowing their mind.

The Happy Hands foot massage facility in San Diego also offers many other types of rejuvenating massage. The different massages by massage therapists include foot massage, Swedish massage, Thai massage, 4 hands massage and more. It is located in the Hillcrest area of San Diego. Happy Hands Foot Reflexology and Massage gives clients a unique massage experience every time. Many people can now enjoy the many benefits of massage such as reduced stress, relaxation, relief from headaches, and less back and neck pain. Their facility require no appointments, there are no gimmicks at all and there are no hassles. In addition, the atmosphere is stunning. They offer a great massage without the usual spa prices. A one hour foot reflexology massage is only twenty nine dollars.

Happy Hands Foot Reflexology and Massage spa also offers other services such as chiropractor care by The Back Stop. When chiropractic is done in conjunction with massage therapy, there can be many additional benefits such as less pain, feeling better, less stiffness in the joints, less back pain and reduced neck pain. The Back Stop provides chiropractic patients in Hillcrest with fast, affordable access to chiropractic adjustments. There are no unnecessary x-rays, absolutely no membership fees, and no gimmicks. And best of all, when chiropractic care is purchased in conjunction with massage therapy, the chiropractic adjustment is reduced to $19. This is probably the most affordable chiropractic care in San Diego. Affordable chiropractic care by San Diego chiropractors means that they don’t have to live with pain.

To get your free Headgasm scalp massager, just visit Happy Head Foot Reflexology in Hillcrest and be sure to mention the free Headgasm with your first massage purchase. Getting a massage in San Diego has never been easier. They offer fast access by massage therapists in San Diego with no gimmicks and no hassles at all.

Looking to find the price on massage therapy in San Diego, then visit www.HappyHeadMassage.com to find the best deal on Swedish massage in San Diego.

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