Hot Tips For Flying

Booking your family holiday overseas and flying can and should be an enjoyable time of the summer holidays. To keep things running smoothly we offer the following advise.

Selecting seats on a long haul flight is good advise. This can be arranged at the start of your booking process when you are at the booking stage of your flights. A map is normally shown to you with available seating. Study the map and then decide which part of the plane you wish to be seated. This is down to personal preference with window or aisle seating being the favourite choices as most passengers prefer not to sit in the middle.

The emergency exits are normally not suitable for young people for obvious reasons and should not be booked if you are travelling with anyone under 18 years as most likely the stewardess will ask you to leave and take seats in other parts of the plane.

Delays are possible on flights which can not be avoided even for those who plan a meticilous time line planner. A straight through non stop flight might stop many delays as they cut out the stops and delays at other airports making your flight less likely for a delay.

A safety point of view around airports would be to keep all belongings close to your side at all times and don’t let your guard down as not every traveller is going on holiday.

Double check your arrival and check in times and arrive in plenty of time to avoid any delays on the road into the airport. Don’t forget the added security which is now in place at most airport due to recent terrorist attacks. A 2 to 3 hour arrival prior to take off is now recommended.

Make sure your paperwork is in order before arriving. This will include an up to date passport and health cards. You don’t want to arrive at an airport and be turned away due to incorrect paperwork.

Arrive early to check in or best rule of thumb is to check in online to be sure of having a seat on the plane. Enjoy your flight and have a safe journey.

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