Monuments in Los Angeles

There are many cities that have many distinct landmarks. The town of L. A. is no different and has many landmarks that attract and interest many people. With the various landmarks in the city such as monuments, Los Angeles has many distinct structures that make it a very fascinating place to go visit.

Hollywood Sign

The first of the Los Angeles monuments is the Hollywood sign. This is the name of the section of Los Angeles where the film and film industry is based. With the Hollywood sign you will see the letters in white atop an area known as the Hollywood Hills. The Hollywood hills is a famous section of the town and where the rich and famous regularly reside. This is proving to be one of the first monuments in LA that folk look to test out when they visit the town.

Bradbury Building

Another one of many distinct Los Angeles monuments is the Bradbury building. This building is located in central LA and was built in 1893. It is found on 304 South Broadway and is one of the most distinguished arthitectural landmarks in the city. This is one of the more interesting monuments in Los Angeles.

Angels Flight

One of the less popular but fascinating monuments of Los Angeles is the Angels Flight. This structure was redesigned in 1962 and built in the early 20th century. This monument is part of a railway that operated until the late 1960’s. It later reopend in 2010. The monument is found in the Bunker Hill section of L. A..

Fire Station No. 23

Fire Station No. 23 is one of the prominent monuments of Los Angeles. This structure was built in 1910 and has been a staple landmark in the city since then. This monument served as the dep. headquarters and home of the fire Dept.'s chief.

Griffith Observatory

The Griffith Observatory is one of the most famous and respected landmarks of L. A.. This monument is located off North Vermont Avenue and Griffith Park. It is an Art Deco observatory that gives a good place for astronomy enthusiasts to vist. The planitarium was built in the 1930’s and provides many great perspectives of the town.

Watts Towers

Watts Towers is another one of the numerous landmarks and monuments of Los Angeles. This monument was designed and built by a construction worker spend over thirty years on this project. The monument is built from many unique materials like seashells, glass, scrap metal and pipes. Unlike plenty of other structures of Los Angeles this actual monument is less than glamorous but it offers a nice example or inventiveness in design.

The numerous monuments of Los Angeles are key parts of the city’s history and attraction. These particular monuments supply a very unique set of landmarks that people can see and admire. With the numerous monuments in Los Angeles people will be well placed to get a rather more historic viewpoint of the city. They will also get a chance to enlighten themselves more on the town and its past.

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