NYC Best Types of Beer

The most typical sort of lager is the beer. What makes a beer different from other beers is that it’s brewed using a bottom fermenting beer yeast. Most well liked sorts of lager fall into one of the bigger classes such as pilsner, bocks, dunkel and American lagers. Most New York City brew pubs carry the more common sorts of beer. Here is a short description of these preferred sorts of beer.


This is a medium to medium-full bodied caramel coloured lager. This was the 1st light lager, which was introduced in 1842. They're highly carbonated and have a malty sweet hops flavor with a rich aroma. Alcohol levels are generally 5% ABV. Thanks to the pilsner’s rich flavor you'll be wanting to combine it with a meal with a powerful taste; such as cream-based soups, Seafoods, Spicy Chicken dishes or Duck. One of the most popular of this kind of lager is Germany’s Pilsner Urquell.


These can range all the way from pale to deep amber colour with an alcohol level of 5-6% ABV. Many of those lagers ‘ names are in connection with a goat. Bocks are matured for lengthy periods of time. These tend to be a stronger flavoured lager and can be paired with foods like: German dishes, cheeses, chocolates, or game. An example of this kind of lager is Pennsylvania Brewing Co’s St. Nick’s Bock.


Dunkel is the first German dark beer. Its sourness comes from the roasted barley, giving it a toasty chocolate taste. The alcohol level is 4.5 -5.4% ABV. Dark lagers pair best with barbeque, smoked protein, poultry or beef. A popular examples of this type of lager is Hacker-Pschorr Brau’s Munchner Dunkel.

American Lager

The American Lager is the most common lager in the United States. With fewer calories and less alcohol than the other lagers; 3.5% ABV. The light lager is watery and less bitter. These are good thirst quenchers and are paired well with barbecue, pizza’s burgers, or sushi. The top selling and most commonly known beer of this style is Anheuser Busch’s Budweiser.

A sizeable range of good types of lager can be bought at most brew pubs in New York City. The mentioned few are just a few of lagers. There are numerous others to try as well. They're all great and when coupled with the right meal can increase any dining experience.

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