Take Your Adrenaline To The Sky: Amusement Parks in Columbus

When you are on the lookout for a great place to get out and have a bit of fun, consider spending the day at one of the amazing entertainment parks in Columbus, Ohio. There are numerous theme parks in Columbus as well as some Columbus water parks. Here are more than 3 exciting Theme Parks in and around Columbus for you to enjoy.

Fort Rapids Indoor Waterpark Resort

Including more than 60,000 sq. feet of space, the Fort Rapids Indoor Waterpark Resort is the largest indoor water park in Ohio. Featuring a range of water slides, rivers and pools, Fort Rapids is a good spot to bring the family for an enjoyable day of water fun. Fort Waterfall also includes hotel rooms, a conference center and lots more.

The Ohio State Fair

Held yearly, the Ohio State Fair happens every year from the last week in July through the first week in August. The Ohio State Fair is located at the fairgrounds in Columbus and features a few competitions, concerts, vendors, exhibits and naturally, a large range of rides and arcades. There are many discounts and promotions available to help you save a little bit of money so you can enjoy more of the rides and events.

Jungle Jacks Landing at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

As among the more popular amusement parks in Columbus, Jungle Jacks Landing at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium offers a considerable number of rides and attractions that are focused around the zoo animals. As one of the theme parks in Columbus, Jungle Jacks Landing includes rides like the Jungle River Falls, Condor Craze, Safari Rush and masses more. Jungle Jacks Landing has been open more than 50 years and continues to be a favorite among the neighbors and visitors alike.

Franklin County Fair

Located just one or two minutes west of Columbus, the Franklin County Fair takes place every year during the third week in July. The Fair has been held each year for over 150 years and includes a bunch of attractions, rides, contests and much more. There are several sellers as well as music locales and exciting shows. The Franklin County Fair even offers a campground so you can have better access to the site.

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