Temporary Tattoos Are A Fabulous Way To Spice Up Your Next Party By Lily-Rose

With the arrival of summer many people are craving a great party to celebrate the arrival of warm & welcome nights. For those considering hosting a welcome summer event, here are some fabulous party ideas. A warning: a few of these ideas are a bit kinky…but it’s all in the spirit of good fun!

Temporary Tattoo parties: Scatter around several large bowls of water, temporary tattoos and cotton balls. You can create many kinds of party themes with the choice of tattoo designs. For grownups and singles parties you can use sexy tattoos that say “Kiss me here” and don’t forget the lip prints… everyone loves these! There are many fabulous themes for kid’s tattoo parties. A few of the best are: rock star, luau, and biker, glitter for girls and fireman, policeman, etc. for those little guys.

The Black Light Party that your guests won’t forget: Try Covering the walls all over with black trash bags and then add hundreds of glow-in-the-dark stickers or temporary tattoos. Not only does this look totally awesome but it will totally “wow” your guests! Try hanging up old CDs and posters all over the room… this effect looks great with an array of different party lights. Add some more supreme coolness to the party with a bubble machine and load up a few squirt guns. Another interesting and low cost way is to use black lights for fun and to add neon ping pong balls. You can also accessorize with 3D shades, funky colorful hair dye and a colorful glow sticks.

The Fabulous “Get to know you” Party: If you have been to a few of these “introduction” parties and are looking for a little more adventurous way to meet others… try this. A great way to meet others is for party goers to dress in colors that display their relationship status: green for singles, red for those not looking for love and yellow for the, well, more ‘open-minded’ individuals. Temporary Tattoo word tattoos are also terrific at these parties. One online tattoo company offers tattoos that say things like Sex Kitten, Porn Star, Lover girl, Macho, Naughty, etc. This idea always works to make sure that all who attend have a blast!

A few more party ideas to try: Everyone Wears anything but their regular party clothes: The more creative the guests tend to get with their clothing, the better the memories. This is often done as a costume party for Halloween…but is even more fun when it done just because everyone will have fun.

Alphabet parties: The host picks a letter for each guest in advance of the event and the guests dress as anything beginning with that letter. Try some alphabet letters that are temporary tattoos. They are waterproof and will stay on even while swimming during a pool party. Some guests will get totally outrageous and it’s always a total blast of an event!

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