The History Of The Ancient Mayans

Many have been interested with the ancient Mayan history and their civilization. As a matter of fact, the events on our modern-day lunar calendars were accurately predicted by the ancient Mayans. They are doomsayers, as what people would regard them. The Mayan civilization was thought to predict a number of events that is happening now and in the future. Their doomsday prediction is one of the famous among their predictions and has received significant interest and controversies. Such prediction was ignored by many while some did believe in it. Their knowledge in astronomy has enabled them to make predictions of what will take place in the future.

The ancient Mayas mainly relied on the actions of the sky, moon, stars, sun, seeking guidance from the heavens. There are in fact a lot of people who still believe that terrestrial behaviors are influenced by the stars. Undoubtedly, the stars are one of the universe’s guiding forces with predicting everything from the time of the year to the occurrence of the approaching season. Mariners since then are using the skies to navigate the seas. The ancient Mayans were focused in studying the heavens. The Venus cycle is among the significant calculations found in the writings of the Mayans. They considered the morning star as a good sign. Not counting the fact that it’s still visible during day time, the Mayans viewed it as a heavenly sign from the gods in order to guide new endeavors. Hence this is why a number of wars were fought a long time ago because of this sign.

The Long Count System of The Mayans was the other fascinating aspect of the culture uncovered amongst the ancient Maya ruins. The end of the Mayan count predicted that the world will end in the year 2012. Nonetheless, there is little proof or discussion in the Mayan civilization that solidly declares this will occur. According to scholars who study the Mayan history, the event that the long count calendar describes was the occurrences during the time of the Mayans. One scholar pointed out that it is not related to cosmic shifting, but about a specific event during the past that brought on festivity amongst a lot of people.

The temple pyramids of the Mayans are the other fascinating sights to see. The shape of their pyramids is proof of a very advanced civilization that has captured the attention of many historians. There were even statements that the Mayans have inherited their advanced knowledge from extra terrestrial beings that came to our planet Earth. With this, people believed that this was the reason why their scientific and mathematical computations were advanced and why they were able to predict seasons as well as tides.

Any Mayan exploration would not be complete without seeing some of their artifacts. In The special markings in their carvings are known as glyphs. Although they might just resemble ordinary carvings to the uninitiated eye, the fact is, very important and certain messages are engraved on them. They are a precise documentation of ancient Mayan rites as well as events. The activities that were described here are offering to the gods, ancient human sacrifice and contacts with other worlds. Although the civilization of the Mayans ended, it has left the modern day people with so much to remember about them.

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