The History Of The US Includes BF Goodrich Tires Playing An Important Part

Everyone is acquainted with the brand known as BF Goodrich Tires and acknowledge it as a quality product that has been around for a long time. This tire manufacturer creates several outstanding products and has some important points that not everyone may realize. They developed a new tubeless tire that they announced on May 11, 1947 through an innovative technology to make driving automobiles safer and more efficient as one example.

Over the years this company evolved and developed to become a legendary name in the world of tires that we can better understand if we take a look at their history to learn more. As the first American tire manufacturer that began around 1896, they have developed and improved on their products to include furnishing tires for some important vehicles that have become a part of the history of our country. This enterprise was pioneered by the American Industrial Company, which became identified as the Goodrich Corporation.

This brand of tires was used by the first car to drive across the United States in 1903, just like the well-known BF Goodrich Tires were fitted on The Spirit of St. Louis that was Charles Lindbergh’s airplane that made the first non-stop flight across the Atlantic Ocean that was successful. Much later in 1977 this brand of tires was used on the space shuttle Columbia during construction of the craft. With a background like this, it is no wonder that it has become a very trusted name in the world of tires that is recognized to be one of the best by people all across the country.

This company has a reputation of developing tires that are superior in performance and permit the driver to have complete control of the road regardless of the current driving conditions. Part of the reason they have been successful at this is because they have used the motorsports industry as their testing grounds for many of their products. This was considered to be a great indicator of a tire that could withstand demanding conditions to provide excellent control and prove to be reliable.

Practically any type of vehicle can be fitted with tires designed by that company that contribute to the great looks of your vehicle while providing the mentioned capabilities and meet the control and performance expectations. This enterprise can help you equip vehicles that range from passenger vehicles to trucks and even your SUV. Another reason why this has become a popular brand.

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