The Religious Side of Columbus

Below we have a list with some incredible religious landmarks in Columbus for you and your family to vist while getting to know the city.

North Christian Church

The North Christian Church goes up to 192 feet tall. Pews of the church surround the change in a pentagon shape, permitting church members to see one another. The church is formed to have a resemblance to the star of David. The level below the most important floor has classrooms and the executive offices of the church. Visitors are welcome to take in the unique design of this church.

St. Joseph’s Cathedral

This is head church of the local Roman Catholic Diocese. Made from stone, the church was built in a light French Gothic design. The church has two towers that rise up above the church correct. Inside the church, the structure is supported by a sequence of arches and pillars. The church has stained glass windows thoughout many all of the way back to the 1900s. Beneath the church is a cave where church members can be interred. Tours of the church are available daily in the week. One of the architects of the church was Civil War General William Rosencrans.

Annunciation Cathedral

This is the cathedral of the Greek Orthodox community. This church is built in the traditional Byzantine style. The church is laid out in a cross with a massive center done and 1 or 2 smaller domes on the sides. The church is made from stone, and the domes are covered with blue. Inside, the church is painted all though with icons and non temporal scenes. Within the church, each dome has another theme. The windows of the church are covered in stained glass, some with colourful religious symbols. The church welcomes guests to see the cathedral.

Noor Islamic Cultural Center

A massive and wonderful structure, the Noor Islamic Cultural Center contains a mosque, social hall, study rooms and lecture rooms. The structure is huge and architecturally in Islamic design. The structure contains a dome and appears like a pretty eastern castle. The Noor Islamic Cultural Center isolated on a green field with a pond and is at the very same time a grand and hospitable sight. Members of the Cultural Center strive to teach about Islam and welcome all various religions to talk form a unified community.

Columbus Ohio Temple

With signature gold herald atop its highest spire, the pristinely white Columbus Ohio Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is a beautiful structure. The structure itself is made of marble and has a very square and blocky design with surface elaboration on the outside, and art glass windows. The temple lives on maintained grounds with gorgeous red leafed trees and covers an overall total of 10,700 sq. Feet. The Columbus Ohio temple was the first of the operating churches built in Ohio and opened its doors in 1999.

Dave Holden has had an interest in landmarks in Columbus for several years. He has written op-eds and editorial pieces for many online publications. For more information about Columbus religious landmarks please visit his site.

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